Plantain Cardigan

plantain cardigan

After my last make of the Plantain T Shirt, I couldn’t stop thinking about those elbow patches that I missed out on.  I ran into the thrift store last week to see if they had any leather, and amazingly they had a brown suede coat for $3.  That coat was the beginning of my plantain cardigan remix.

plantain cardigan

Making this shirt into a long slouchy cardigan was really pretty easy.  I extended the front and back pattern pieces by about 2.5 inches.  I looked at a cardigan I had in my closet and liked the angled front pieces…I drew you a little diagram to see the redrawing I did.  plantain to cardigan

I also added a couple inches to the sleeves.  I like my cardigans long and comfy.  To finish the front, instead of adding a separate band, I just folded under twice and sewed a finishing stitch!

plantain cardigan

Those brown suede elbow patches though…they have to be my favorite part!  I love them, and now want to add elbow patches to everything!  This cardigan is something I know I’ll wear all seasons!

plantain cardigan

Have I convinced you yet to get over to Deer & Doe and download their free shirt pattern?  It is one great pattern!

plantain cardigan



  • Genius Teresa!! Love this elbow patches. Tell me – how do you finish your inside seams on a cardigan? I’m reactant to use my serger unless I match the cotton colour given it will be visible. I’m never sure what is the best thing to do??

    • Teresa

      I used white thread on my serger…shh! Don’t tell anyone. Actually, I need to buy more colors for my serger. I only own white and black thread!

  • Oh!! That is awesome. I was just lamenting the lack of a cool cardigan pattern, but now I have inspiration to try it on my own! And the elbow patches really add something special, nice work!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Kelly! Elbow patches are my new favorite. Would it be weird if I added them to everything I sew?

      • Congrats Teresa, I just voted for you! So happy to see you in the top ten, you deserve it- this is such a great looking cardigan 🙂

      • Teresa

        Ahh…you and Heather alerted me to my plantain fame! Thanks Kelly for the support!

  • Renee

    Yes! I’ve been seeing all these plantains and wondering how a cardigan would look. LOve the shape of this and the patches!

    • Teresa

      Yay…thanks Renee!

  • Love Love Love it!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Jenya….get your sewing Mojo back so I can see all of your great pics 🙂 (Or enjoy your sewing break while you are on it!)

  • I love this! I was also wondering how this would translate into a cardigan! It looks so comfy and I may need to try this myself. I love this pattern!

    • Teresa

      Thanks April! It is an awesome pattern. I love the idea of a plantain dress like Paunnet made!

  • This is so cute! I think I’m gonna have to get this pattern and knock off your version…just adorable!

  • Nice cardigan! I like how you altered the pattern. I just made a Plantain t-shirt, I love this pattern and was also thinking about making a cardigan from it. Good to know it works so well.

    • Teresa

      Thanks! This little cardigan is getting a ton of wear…I’m going to have to make more!

  • You cardigan is fantastic! I love what you changed, and it looks so comfy! I saw that you made the top ten! Good luck! I voted for you!

    • Teresa

      You’re awesome Heather…thank you!

  • I voted for you
    Thank you for explaining how you do

    • Teresa

      Ahh….thank you so much! I have felt so loved with all of the support!

  • Thanks so much ! I was looking for a cardi with this shape, and here you go…
    I’m going to stitch Alabama Chanin way to make a life long piece so I wanted a well cut pattern, and Plantain is.
    Thanks, you deserve to have been picked by the team !

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  • Thanks for this very inspirational instruction of a cardigan! I was looking for a cardigan pattern for fy shirts. Since I allready have the Plantaine pattern, I will definitely try this out! Thank you:)
    Would be suuuper it you wanted to chech in when I finnish:)

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  • Viri

    I have just fine ished mine. Lovely Idea, it turned out great, however the next time i would add seam allowance to the necline….

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