Plantain T Shirt

Do you all have pattern designers that you admire, want to buy their patterns, but for some reason or another you put those projects on the back burner?

deer and doe plantain

That’s how I’ve been with Deer & Doe.  Their patterns are amazing…and I have no good reason that I haven’t sewn one of their patterns.  I think I first heard of them when I saw the Belladone Dress over at Ginger Makes.  And then I saw the Datura Blouse sewn up by Anna over at Noodle Head.

deer and doe plantain

When I saw they had a free pattern, I had to give them a try.  Their free pattern is awesome…and I see many more makes coming out of this.  It’s their Plantain T Shirt pattern, and did I say it is FREE?

deer and doe plantain

The fit is just right, with no adjustments at all.  For this make, I used an old thrifted knit dress I picked up for a buck.  I cut it up, set it aside to sew, only later to find out the back had holes in it.  Blah…that’s what you get for being cheap and using thrifted dresses.  No really, I should have looked at the dress more closely when I was buying it.  I’m sure I could blame it on shopping with the kids, or feeling rushed to get off to the next appointment.  Truly, though, next time I’m thrifting, I need to look over the garment for holes before buying.

deer and doe plantain

The holes turned out to be a happy mistake.  I chopped off the bottom half of the back (the holy culprit) and instead cut out some slippery, slinky material that matched.  I sewed it up, and then thought about the sleeves for a minute.  I’m sure you can tell, but my new favorite finishing technique for my sleeves is to add bands (sewn here and here).  I love the length it gives and just the simple extra line it adds to the sleeve.

deer and doe plantain

I looked back over my back piece (the one I cut off earlier with holes) and found just enough fabric to cut out my sleeve bands.

deer and doe plantain

I will definitely make another version of the Plantain T time trying out the long sleeved version with elbow patches!


  • Anna

    I love this color on you! This fit is great and I love your solution to the unexpected holes. Perfect!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Anna…isn’t that funny that the unexpected turns out to bring out the best!

  • Shino

    Oh, I think that unexpected hole made this top more interesting and beautiful! Love the bands!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Shino…I love how you made your plantain out of fleece…I’m going to have to size up and try that out!

  • Renee

    I really need to cut this pattern out! Does it take forever to figure out? Love the print you used – matches so well! and the bands, great variation.

    • Teresa

      Renee…it’s a really easy pattern. You do need to cut it out, you’ll love it!

  • Kelly

    Ooooo, I was just looking at the first pictures and thinking how great this color was on you, cute shirt and then BAM…awesome panel in the back. I love it!

    • Teresa

      Aww…thanks Kelly!

  • AmandaK@whatthebobbin

    I love how you changed up the back. Very nice!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Amanda! Those happy accidents usually turn out to be my favorite detail!

  • Renee //nearest the pin

    I LOVE this Teresa!! I especially like the sleeve bands. Great colour :)

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee! I’m really into the sleeve bands lately :)

  • April

    I love when something unfortunate turns out wonderful! It looks great. I had to do some creative fabric matching with my first plantain as well but ended up loving it!

    • Teresa

      I know, me too! I’ll run over and check out your plantain!

  • Jenya

    Teresa, it looks fabulous on you! Such a lovely colour. Those holes were a blessing in disguise I think :)

    • Teresa

      I do love the color…thanks Jenya!

  • Shell @ Sew n Sow

    Love this t-shirt everywhere I see it! Found yours via peek-a-boos linky party. This t-shirt is definitely on my selfie sewing list!

    • Teresa

      Oh yay…I can’t wait to see if you sew one up!

  • kim

    Love the back detail! Lucky accident indeed :)

    • Teresa

      Thanks Kim! :)

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  • Jules

    Very trendy! I just purchased a similar (overpriced) shirt at Banana Republic. I’d like to make one using the Plantain pattern. However, when I click the link you’ve included above … I get a page error. :( Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Teresa

      Just sent you the updated pattern link!