Sloane Hat

sloane hat Have you all seen that Delia has a new crochet pattern out?  Anything Delia touches seams to be golden…and this pattern is no different!

sloane hat

For Florida, we have had a pretty cold winter.  It’s been a few years since we have reached chilly temps, and we have actually gotten down close to freezing a few days this past weekend!  Crazy weather.

sloane hat

But crazy weather means we need more beanies in the house.  In fact, we’ve had to wear beanies, gloves, and jackets out many days this week!  (You northerners probably would laugh at what I consider cold!)

sloane hat

Delia’s new pattern, the Sloane Hat has been perfect to solve my beanie needs.  I learned a lot with this pattern, but now feel super confident to make many more!  In fact, everyone in the family has requested that I crochet beanies for them!

sloane hat

sloane hat

Have you been crocheting / sewing / knitting anything for the cold weather lately?

  • Rachel

    Turned out great! Cold weather is good for getting to wear hats at least :)

    • Teresa

      Ha! That’s true! It’s kind of fun to wear our cold weather clothes, it doesn’t happen often here!

  • fariba

    oh so great , I like it and so beautiful ,I like crochet very well. Thank u so much :)