Sewing For Men :: A Vest

McCalls 2447

So one of my new year’s resolution is to sew more for Josh.  It’s embarrassing that I haven’t sewn anything for him, unless you count altering pajama pants!  My goal is to sew him one item a month.  I have no excuses, no reasons to break this resolution.  In fact, I have a handful of patterns I want to try and I’ve even purchased (and washed) fabric for these patterns.

McCalls 2447

I’d love to tell you that I’ve already started sewing for Josh, but today’s sew is actually for a friend of ours.  Josh was just my model to see if it would fit.  I love it so much that I’m definitely going to have make one for my guy!

McCalls 2447

This is McCalls 2447.  It has many patterns in it, and this weekend I sewed the vest.  It was really an easy sew, but I was tired when I sewed it, which meant the seam ripper was my best friend.  I sewed so many seams backwards and unpicked them to just sew them backwards again, it wasn’t funny.  I finally got it right though and learned a lesson.  Never sew when tired!

McCalls 2447

One more quick thing….isn’t Josh’s tie the best?  I found it at our thrift store for $1.  I love it!

Happy Monday all…I hope your week is off to a good start!

  • Monica

    Niiiice! I haven’t sewn my husband anything. Not one thing. This vest is great! I hate sewing tired, I do the same thing…sew everything wrong sides together. I get it. I think it happens more on the ‘easy’ projects!

    • Teresa

      I feel awfully selfish that I rarely sew for my guy! That’s something I’m working on :)

  • crab&bee

    This looks so nice! Was your husband tempted to keep it?

    • Teresa

      Yes…I need to make one for him asap! :)

  • Michelle

    Hello do you think that this pasttern runs true to its size chart ?