Peek at My Week

banjo dad's home handstand sandhill crane turkey duck

This year (2014) I want to add a couple new things to the blog.  I’ll have to tell you about one later on this month, but the other addition is to give you all a peek into my week each Friday.  I want to be a little more open on this blog, showing you and telling you more about what has been happening in my world.

This past week has been fun.  No school, less work which is always a treat.  Did I ever tell you that Josh plays the banjo?  He teases that we should move to the deep south with his banjo playing and my sewing!  Whenever he pulls out his instrument I always say du da de dun de dun de dun duu (you should have dueling banjos stuck in your head now).  I always tease that we act like a 60 year old couple with our hobbies!  I love that we each have chosen something not very main stream and that we love our hobbies, simply because they bring us joy!  Have a happy weekend doing what brings you joy!