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DIY alligator stuffed animal

Have you all made stuffed animals before?  Yep, me neither!  I thought they would be complicated.  I saw this great tutorial over on Sew Mama Sew for this zip mouth crocodile and immediately thought of my little niece.

DIY alligator stuffed animal

I used to be one who loved handmade Christmas!  And then it completely stressed me out.  Josh and I talked it over one year and decided handmade was great, but not at the expense of my holiday enjoyment!  So now I only make a gift or two around Christmas!  And this little stuffie is the one and only gift I’m making this Christmas!

DIY alligator stuffed animal

I thought this tutorial was great!  I did (I know this will shock you) change it up just a bit.  The directions have you insert the zipper so that the mouth opens and closes, kind of two dimensionally, with no mouth cavity!  I wanted my little niece to be able to hide little trinkets in her alligator.  I added two u shaped pieces of fabric inside the mouth and then sewed the zipper around the lips!

DIY alligator stuffed animal I absolutely love this little alligator (I decided it can’t be a crocodile since I’m a Floridian) and I definitely need to make many more!  I was a little sad the other day when I wrapped it up, packed it in a box and sent it on it’s way to my niece!

DIY alligator stuffed animal Merry Christmas sweet niece….feel loved….you’re the only one in my family getting a handmade gift this year!

DIY alligator stuffed animal

  • Renee

    So cute! my kids would love hiding stuff in the mouth….good decision.

    • Teresa

      Thanks…I know my kids would do the same thing! I might have to make them an alligator each….after Christmas!

  • Jenya

    Snapping cuteness!

    • Teresa

      Haha….thanks Jenya!

  • Rachel

    Fun! Good switch up my kids would also love trying to see how much they could zip in his mouth :)

    • Teresa

      I think my kids would do the exact same thing!

  • Heather Feather

    Oh my gosh, that alligator is so cute! I love the zipper mouth and that you made it so she can put things inside! I love the idea of a handmade Christmas too, but it is stressful! I only do a couple of items each year too. One day I’d love to do a little more, but we’ll see how that goes!

    • Teresa

      I’ve loved seeing all the things you have been sewing up….you amaze me with all that you can churn out!

  • Sue Hebert

    I love the pocket mouth but need to know more about the u-shaped pieces. Do they connect at the back? And do you have a picture to show how the zipper fits in. Thanks so much…can’t wait to get it together.