Jack and Jill Shirt

This time last year, I would have been scared to sew a button down.  Mostly, thanks to some Archer sewing, I have conquered that fear and button down shirts don’t make me shake in my boots anymore!  Amazing, huh!

Shannon, from Little Kids Grow, put out a call for testers to test her first ever pattern, a modern button down shirt with many options!  Being all confident, I raised my hand and she picked me (it probably didn’t go much like that, but it kind of feels that way!).  I think it’s kind of neat how much my sewing skills have improved with all of the sewing I have been doing this year!

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt patternWell, I am so glad that I tested this pattern, it is great!  It is one of those patterns that is such a good basic, I can see myself using it over and over again.  For Sweet Pea’s shirt I wanted to do a little color blocking.  And Shannon walks you through that, which is perfect because I had just a bit of each of these fabrics left, just enough to squeeze this shirt onto.

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern

Bubba’s shirt was made from one of Josh’s old dress shirts.  It had a stain on the front of it, so I cut the pattern out right around the stain, and voila, a perfectly new shirt for Bubba!  I love the cuff tabs that are included in this pattern!

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt patternAnd if you ask Bubba how he feels about his new shirt, this last picture sums it up!

Oh, I should tell you her pattern line is called Peaches and Peanuts (cute, right) and the Jack and Jill pattern is available for a deep discount today and tomorrow.  Take a look at her shop here and you can read a little write up on the pattern over at Pattern Revolution.


  1. Shannon says:

    Love this in every way, Teresa! The color blocking for your daughter’s shirt is lovely and the “action shots” of your son in his new shirt are priceless. Thank you SO MUCH for testing.

  2. Amy Mayen says:

    I love your Jack & Jill shirts!! The color blocking on Sweet Peas top is just perfect. I think my super picky girl will approve:) and I agree with you on the cuffed sleeve and button placket- it gives it such a sophisticated feel but still keeps his shirt casual and kid friendly. You did a fabulous job!!

    • Teresa says:

      Aww…thanks Renee. I can’t wait to see how your husband’s button down goes! The Negroni is on my wishlist for Christmas!

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