Wardrobe Basics :: Sewing a T Shirt

So I’m continuing on with my sewing basics….earlier this week it was a tee for Sweet Pea, and now a few t shirts for me!  I’m on the fence weather I like sewing t shirts for me.  I can pick them up much more inexpensively at the store, and it definitely is a lot faster to buy a shirt.  But there is something great about making your own clothes!  I wear my clothes with a little more confidence and pride when I have spent my time sewing them!  Is that just me?

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped tee So I have been in need of some t shirts.  I had this great t shirt that was my favorite.  It was slightly loose (so I could eat a huge meal and not show it) but kind of slim so that I still looked pulled together.  That shirt is sadly gone, full of stains and holes.  Instead of throwing it out, though, I cut it along the seam lines and now use it as a pattern to make my tees!  Super simple.

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped tee This time I sewed up two shirts…one in a great blue striped fabric (leftover from this peplum), and some more sheet (I have tons of yardage left over from this maxi dress).

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

So do you ever sew your wardrobe basics….like t shirts?

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  • Renee

    That’s a pretty perfect fitting tee! I feel the same about sewing versus just buying cheap ones. but at the same time tees are quicker to sew than dresses so sometimes I sew a bunch to feel accomplished during sewing slumps :)

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee! It is nice to have a quick, easy sew!

  • http://iseamstressed.blogspot.com Tasha

    Great looking tees! I don’t really sew for myself, but I think once some more of this baby weight comes off I’ll start!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Tasha….you definitely should sew for yourself! I loved that tee you made from Imagine Gnats pattern!

  • http://sewsnbows.com Amy mayen

    I really like the banded sleeves on the gray one:)

    • Teresa

      Thanks Amy…that banded sleeve hem is becoming one of my favorite ways to finish a sleeve!

  • http://www.bohobunnie.com andrea

    Amazing! I can’t imagine sewing a t-shirt! I was happy to get a B in Home Ec in high school:) The fit you perfect!
    xo Andrea
    Boho Bunnie

    • Teresa

      I wish we had home ec when I was in high school!

  • http://www.cutcutsew.com Kelly

    These are so great, I definitely want to sew some more basic tees! I like the stripes especially, it is so chic and flattering on you!

    • Teresa

      The stripes is definitely my favorite too!

  • http://www.siestasandsewing.blogspot.com Cindy

    The tees look great! I feel the same way when I wear clothes I’ve sewn for myself…stand a little taller and feel a little more confident.:)

    • Teresa

      I love that my wardrobe is filling up more and more with me made items!

  • http://bonnechanceblogspot.blogspot.com/ Angela

    Sewing up basics is a good idea! The closest thing to a basic that I have made is a jersey robe. I love how you put the cuff on the grey tee!

    • Teresa

      Ooh…a jersey robe would be great to have. I bet that used up a lot of material!

  • http://onceuponasewingmachine.com Rachel

    Love the fit on these! I had a hard time sewing basics for myself for all the same reasons- but I find the more things I sew for myself that are in normal rotation the more I really like to have things I made myself!

    • Teresa

      I agree…it’s kind of fun to wear me made items!

  • http://whileshesleeping.blogspot.com.au/ Jenya

    Two other great tees :) The stripes are matched perfectly, and I love the bands on the gray tee :) Looking at all the gorgeousness your are making I am this close to start sewing for myself!

    • Teresa

      Oh Jenya…I so hope you do! The things you sew for your Little Monkey are amazing….you would do so great at sewing for yourself!

  • http://marjinthemaking.blogspot.com Marjie High

    These look great! And you are right, there’s always the tension between being able to buys something for way cheaper and the pride felt in making it. Nice job.

    • Teresa

      For now, I’m happy either sewing up my own shirts or finding a few thrifted treasures! That may change though :)

  • http://threadtime.wordpress.com Ramona

    You should definitely not be on the fence about sewing your own t’s. The fit on those are just awesome. It is so hard finding t’s with a consistent fit.

    Well done!!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Ramona…these shirts have been in heavy rotation! I’ve been wearing them a lot lately!

  • http://sanaeishida.com Sanae

    Love the tees! I’m all about basics, and am smitten with both the stripes and grey. That is one perfect fitting t-shirt pattern!

    • Teresa

      Aww…thanks! I’m hoping to make a tutorial / free pattern out of this tee.

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