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So I’m continuing on with my sewing basics….earlier this week it was a tee for Sweet Pea, and now a few t shirts for me!  I’m on the fence weather I like sewing t shirts for me.  I can pick them up much more inexpensively at the store, and it definitely is a lot faster to buy a shirt.  But there is something great about making your own clothes!  I wear my clothes with a little more confidence and pride when I have spent my time sewing them!  Is that just me?

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped teeSo I have been in need of some t shirts.  I had this great t shirt that was my favorite.  It was slightly loose (so I could eat a huge meal and not show it) but kind of slim so that I still looked pulled together.  That shirt is sadly gone, full of stains and holes.  Instead of throwing it out, though, I cut it along the seam lines and now use it as a pattern to make my tees!  Super simple.

sewing a striped tee

sewing a striped teeThis time I sewed up two shirts…one in a great blue striped fabric (leftover from this peplum), and some more sheet (I have tons of yardage left over from this maxi dress).

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

sew t shirt from knit sheet

So do you ever sew your wardrobe basics….like t shirts?

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  1. Renee says:

    That’s a pretty perfect fitting tee! I feel the same about sewing versus just buying cheap ones. but at the same time tees are quicker to sew than dresses so sometimes I sew a bunch to feel accomplished during sewing slumps :)

  2. Rachel says:

    Love the fit on these! I had a hard time sewing basics for myself for all the same reasons- but I find the more things I sew for myself that are in normal rotation the more I really like to have things I made myself!

  3. Jenya says:

    Two other great tees :) The stripes are matched perfectly, and I love the bands on the gray tee :) Looking at all the gorgeousness your are making I am this close to start sewing for myself!

    • Teresa says:

      Oh Jenya…I so hope you do! The things you sew for your Little Monkey are amazing….you would do so great at sewing for yourself!

  4. Ramona says:

    You should definitely not be on the fence about sewing your own t’s. The fit on those are just awesome. It is so hard finding t’s with a consistent fit.

    Well done!!

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