Viewfinder Tee

I have been doing some basics sewing this week.  Basics sound blah, but it’s what we are needing right now, so basics it is!

My Sweet Pea is a riot with her fashion sense…she is one bright girl.  Sometimes she will come out of her room dressed head to toe in yellow.  Or sometimes it will be a pink shirt with green shorts.  There is no telling if she will match (like overly match) from head to toe, or if she’s a little confused on what colors coordinate.

viewfinder teeAnd she’s always been this way.  Want to know a secret though?  I kind of love her cooky, quirky style.  It is definitely all hers!  Unique, one of a kind.  And I would much rather have her that way than a kid who blends into the crowd, matching all the other kiddos around her.

viewfinder teeSo when I saw this fabric, bright, sunshine-y, full of flowers, I knew it was destined for Sweet Pea!  I used Kate’s Viewfinder Tee pattern to sew this one.  And it is super easy….just the way basics sewing should be!

viewfinder teeHappy first week of December!  Is anyone else freaking out that it is December already?


  1. Amy mayen says:

    I love quirky style too. Mine wore a pink football jersey with a fur vest. It reminded me of 90s rappers. It was actually pretty bad though, that one. But still cute:) I’m glad to come see her cute yellow tee:)

  2. Jenya says:

    Your Sweet Pea is gorgeous, and I love her style. The shirt looks great on her. I love the colour, it does look very sunshiny :)

    Basics are good. They are things we all wear every day. Why not make every day special? There is no reason not to :)

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