Cargo Duffle Bag

free duffle bag pattern Every year for the holidays, we generally travel to visit family.  This year is a little different though…my husband just started a new job a couple weeks ago, so we are not going to travel much, but I was itching for a new overnight bag.  We will be traveling to visit my parents for just one night next week, which gave me just the excuse I needed to sew myself an overnight bag.  I knew the perfect bag to sew….Anna’s new cargo duffle bag!

free duffle bag pattern A few weeks ago, Anna released a new, free pattern for her cargo duffle bag on the Robert Kaufman website.  Yup….free!  And this pattern is superb! free duffle bag pattern I challenged myself to use just the fabrics that I had stashed away in my sewing room.  That meant I had to tweak the pattern a bit to accommodate my random pieces of fabric.  The bottom of the bag is a great caramel colored leather like (sounds so much better than pleather) fabric I thrifted a while back for 25 cents.  I didn’t have enough of this fabric to follow Anna’s directions to a T, so I fudged around a little bit, adding a little more denim to the sides.  free duffle bag pattern

free duffle bag pattern The front pockets are a super old piece of Amy Butler fabric from way back when!  I love this simple print so much.  And these pockets are perfect!  They have great pleats on either side, you know, so that I can cram lots of tiny items in there! free duffle bag pattern The rest of the fabric is a denim I’ve had in my stash for a long time also!  Gotta love a good stash busting project.  The only item I did buy for this project was the zipper.  Ooh I love this long metal zipper.  free duffle bag pattern I can’t let you go without giving you a peek inside the bag.  All the seams are finished off with bias tape, leaving the inside just as pretty as the outside.  And I love to see all of those quilted lines in there! free duffle bag pattern My new duffle bag is going to be perfect for my quick holiday travel!  And with that….let the holiday sewing begin!  In my house, it’s mostly selfish sewing.  I might sneak in a project or two for a loved one! free duffle bag pattern UPDATE:  I did not realize it at the time, but I cut the pattern a bit taller than what Anna calls for.  The top front and back pieces were cut at 14 inches instead of 11.5 inches like the pattern calls for!  I love how it turned out, but I might have to go back and try the bag again…following the directions next time 🙂

  • it’s just lovely!!! and the leather, awesome awesome.

    • Teresa

      Anna….thanks so much! Thanks for the great pattern….you rock!

  • What a great bag. Love the fabric combo. I’ve been thinking about a “diaper bag” more like a toddlers still need lots of stuff after diapers bag. I don’t usually sew bags, but I’m considering…

    • Teresa

      Bags are a great sew….they are a lot less time consuming and there’s no worry of fit! And this pattern is great!

  • What a great bag! Well done 🙂 I might have to look at it for a bag for LM’s clothes for when we go away. We usually pack one big suitcase for the three of us and after only a couple of days her little bits and pieces get mixed up with our big stuff, and fishing things out just gets frustrating.

    • Teresa

      I remember when we used to pack the kiddos stuff in our bags…now they each take up a bag of their own! And their bags are a whole lot nicer than what we usually travel with! I’m excited to put this one to use!

  • Renee

    This is so so nice! I love the colors and matching of fabric you did, especially the caramel bottom. And I didn’t realize it was a free pattern – gotta add it to the list

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee….this was a great stash busting project! I can see a few more of these in my future!

  • Fantastic bag and I know just who I’m going to make it for too – like you I just need to get the zipper 😀

    • Teresa

      Thanks Chrissie…I am excited to see more of these pop up on the web!

  • This turned out so great!! I love how you played with the stripes on that denim. And way to go using stuff from you stash. Love it!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Sarah…stash busting is the best!

  • Like you, I love a good bag! This bag looks awesome! Love all the fabric you pulled from your stash. 🙂 I’ll have to check out the free pattern too!! You look so cute in these pics. I totally can feel the..”look at the bag I made…isn’t it so cute??!!” Been there! 🙂 I’m in the middle of make a few purses right now and can’t wait to finish. I have not finished a bag in a while and it’s killing me! This is the first time I’m actually using a paper pattern for a bag. Enjoy your selfish sewing and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m a new follower!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Gina….posing for pics can be so awkward! And thanks for following!

  • Ali

    I love that you made the bag taller than the original pattern called for – looks like a perfect weekender size! Did you just change the front/back measurement from 11.5 x 19 to something more like 14.5 x 19 ? Did any other measurements need to change? Thanks!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Ali…I didn’t even realize it was taller…I’ve updated the post with the actual measurements I used to cut. Maybe I’ll get better at following a pattern 🙂

  • Such an amazing version! And I like the use of “leather-like” instead of pleather, especially for 25 cents!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Jacey! I’m always floored at thrift store prices…it makes it kind of painful to shop in a real store and pay real prices!

  • Hi,
    It’s been a while since this post but I found it today. I think the added height on your bag is because you did the same thing I just did. I just finish the bag but I first had trouble with the gusset length not matching the front and back and it turned out higher than all the pictures I’ve seen. I triple checked my measurements and couldn’t understand why this happened. I just added to the gusset to match the front and back pieces. I was checking on other images of the bag on the internet and that’s how I found yours. All of the sudden I thought that maybe the accent piece at the bottom was supposed to be layered to the main piece and not added to them. I checked the instructions and voilà… there it was. It was right there. My bag has the same dimensions as yours!! I didn’t read but rushed to do what I thought. Lesson learned: measure twice, cut once and read the instructions carefully. LOL