Grown Up Leggings

I know I have confessed this before, but I am awfully slow at catching on to trends!  Like skinny jeans, it took me a few years to believe they actually looked okay and now I am hooked.

DIY LEGGINGSWell I have seen people wearing leggins for a while, and I am just now dipping my toe in.  Nothing flashy or fancy hear yet, but a good solid black pair are a great intro for me into this legging world!

DIY LEGGINGSI sewed these leggings using Miranda’s tutorial and it is so very thorough and well written!  I definitely could see myself sewing another pair in the future, and who knows, maybe I’ll find a great print that I’ll be brave enough to try out on these legs of mine!

DIY LEGGINGSLet me give you a little outfit breakdown on these.  The top in the first photo is a highly modified archer that I sewed way back in May….you can read more about it here!  The rest of the tops are store bought….athletic tops are from Old Navy and Under Armour.  Jean tunic is thrifted ($1.50 score)!

DIY LEGGINGSAnd….it’s cold enough for me to wear my boots out and about today…I’m off enjoying the fall weather!  Have a great, chilly day!

17 thoughts on “Grown Up Leggings

  1. Rachel

    They turned out really nicely! You’re not alone I have only just in the last 2 months embraced the legging/skinny jean craze. I actually called my sister on the way to a checkout line to confess I was buying leggings 😉

  2. Jenya

    They do look awesome on you! Well done! I bought 3/4 leggings I have not had a chance to wear yet… I kinda feel half-naked in them hehehe And I am even slower catching up with the trends – skinny jeans is not something you will catch me wearing :) ever :)

  3. made by ChrissieD

    Your leggings look great. I haven’t worn leggings since the early 90s but my daughter, away at university, has just bought some, so I think it’s a safe bet that they must be back in fashion! 😀

    1. Teresa Post author

      Yep, the tunic is the only thing I have left the house in with these leggings! Funny how I can be brave enough to share pics on the internet, but not leave the house!

  4. Julie

    Popping over from Sew Mama Sew! I am also slow on the trends- I still don’t have skinny jeans (despite being 20 something!) and I consider myself put together when I leave the house with a bra and actual non pj- pants on (can you tell I’m a mom….?? ). The leggings look great on you. I’ve heard awesome things about Miranda’s tutorial. My main concern would be butt coverage….! Maybe someday I’ll sew some up….

    1. Teresa Post author

      It’s nice to hear so many other people are slow to jump on trends too! Miranda’s tutorial is perfect…you should give it a try!

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