Bird Costume

Yesterday I shared Bubba’s costume, a ninja, which was pretty easy.  Sweet Pea usually comes up with some difficult ideas.  Like earlier this year when she wanted a guinea pig birthday party!

DIY bird costume This year Sweet Pea requested to be a bird.  I walked up and down the aisles of Jo Ann’s and found this great, bright, chevron fabric.  If Sweet Pea was going to be a bird, I knew she needed to be bright…it fits her personality!  So this fabric was my starting off point.

DIY bird costume I don’t own a leggings pattern, so I just used Miranda‘s directions to draft your own leggings, and it is perfect.  I drafted this pair up in under an hour and they are wonderful!

DIY bird costume The top I’m sure you recognize, it is the Bimaa pattern again.  This time I did the cowl neck version.  Remember, I wanted these costumes to be wearable after Halloween.

DIY bird costume The feathers are sewn onto a curved strip of felt that is just safety pinned to the back of Sweet Pea’s shirt.  And the feathers, they are just fleece feathers that were cut out, stitched together, and sort of quilted with some detailed lines to give them a little more texture!

DIY bird costume The highlight of this costume, though, has got to be the mask.  We found a youtube video that showed how to make a basic paper mache mask.  Then we used a cut up cereal box to make the beak.  I L O V E how this mask turned out.  In fact, Bubba has already asked to be a black bird (crow?) next year for Halloween so he can have a mask just like his big sister’s!

DIY bird costume Late night sewing is done, for now, and we are ready for Halloween!

  • Renee

    Ah, this looks so great! The mask does make the outfit, but I love the colors you chose and the leggings too.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee! You can never go wrong with bright…dontcha think?

  • Awesome costume!! I love her ideas- a brilliant kid!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Amy! I love that her ideas are always out of left field…they are unexpected!

  • This is FANTASTIC! I may have to borrow Sweetpea’s idea and a bit of your creativity for next year!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Michelle! Sweet Pea has an eye for good ideas 🙂

  • The mask! Ah! Perfect 🙂 The costume is bright, fin, and I love it how your kids can wear them as regular clothes. Well done 🙂 Love it!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Jenya! That mask was really easy to make and super fun. I see many more in our future 🙂

  • how fun!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Rachel!

  • Awesome costume! I love it! Each piece is so great, and together they make such a cool costume!

    • Teresa

      Thanks so much Heather! Sweet Pea loves it!

  • So, so fun – that mask is fabulous! And the background is so perfect for the costume, it makes me happy 🙂

    • Teresa

      Yay….thanks Sanae! My husband was very helpful with that mask! 🙂

  • It turned out great! I love the idea!

    • Teresa

      Thanks 🙂 Sweet Pea has some good ideas 🙂

  • You did an amazing job! I love that she also can wear the outfit everyday.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Michelle!

  • Zoe

    Love the costume, it’s so awesome! I remember making paper mache masks back in school when I was about her age.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Zoe…I remembered making them too! I couldn’t remember how we did it in school, but the tin foil method worked great!

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