Countdown to Halloween :: Lion King

This week is crazy busy…and this day is even busier.  I am in between dentist appointments and swim meets, so I have a total of 10 minutes to get this post written and published.

rafiki and lion king So I wanted to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE costume my kids have worn for Halloween.  When Sweet Pea was 3, she requested to be Rafiki for Halloween.  I scratched my head and had no idea where to go with this one.  But, once inspiration hit, I ran with it.  I followed a basic Simplicity pattern for the general shape.

I then grabbed a gray wig, cut it up a bit and sewed some hair onto the head and a bit onto the chest.  I also made the costume end at the elbows and knees and added black pantyhose for the arms and the legs.  I LOVED this costume!  My girl was surrounded by princesses and definitely stood out tin the crowd!

4 minutes left…My husband also had the bright idea of giving Sweet Pea Rafiki’s staff to walk around with.  We must have coached her 1,000 times that the staff was made for walking, not hitting.  And she was perfect.

DIY rafiki

2 minutes left….Bubba didn’t have an opinion at this point (this was his first Halloween), so Simba it was.  He made the cutest, chubbiest little lion!

Handmade halloween portrait Okay….off to our next appointment for the day.  I’ll be back next week with another costume to share.  Oh, and by the way, I have not done a thing this week to work on costumes for this coming Halloween…I need to get busy!  Tell me I’m not the only one who isn’t done yet!

  • I knew instantly that was a Rafiki costume! These are really cute themed costumes!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Michelle! This years follows no theme at all. My goal is to sew them up next week!

  • Awesome. No you aren’t the only one- I just cut my this morning. I need to be sewing!

    • Teresa

      Well thanks for making me feel better…it feels good to not be all alone in my procrastination. My goal is to finish them up this next week!

  • How fun are these costumes??!?!?! Love them!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Crystal….these were by far my favorite costumes!