Countdown to Halloween :: Dinosaurs and Cowgirls

When I was a kid, one great memory I have was coming up with a Halloween costume idea.  Every year, it was a handmade something, weather we bought a pattern and my mom sewed it up, or my dad helped me scrounge around the house to find the perfect pieces to put together to make a costume.  I particularly remember my dad helping me paint butterfly wings. Buying a ready made, store bought costume just wasn’t something we did!

Handmade halloween portrait We have carried that tradition on with our kiddos.  So, since this is my first year blogging about Halloween, I’ll do a countdown every Wednesday, from today until the night before Halloween showcasing some of my kiddos costumes from the past!  Cowgirl and dinosaur Dinosaur and cowgirl Three years ago, my kiddos requested to be a cowgirl and a dinosaur.  This was the first year that I couldn’t convince them to coordinate their costumes, and I was absolutely bummed.  Who raised these kids to have an opinion of their own?  Cowgirl and Dionsaur walking Dinosaur cheese Dinosaur In the end, though, I love what they chose because it showcased their individual personalities.  For Bubba’s costume, I followed a Simplicity pattern, kind of.  The material was just two XXXL green t shirts from Wal Mart, because I knew if this costume was not comfortable, it would not get worn.  dinosaur hugs cowgirl cowgirl hugs dinosaur Sweet Pea’s costume was super easy.  I started with a handkerchief skirt and a yoga waistband.  And the vest is a thrifted suede jacket cut up and then reassembled as this cute little cowgirl vest.  trick or treating trick or treat I love looking back at these pics and seeing the joy on my kiddos faces!  Are you sewing something up for Halloween this year?  Amazingly, the kids have already nailed down their costumes and, here’s the shocker, I have already purchased all the supplies and I have started the costumes!  This year, I won’t be up feverishly sewing the night before all the festivities begin!

  • Renee

    Oh man, the lion king costumes are so adorable! can’t wait to see more. I wish my kids would nail down a costume…they keep coming up with new ones.

    • Teresa

      Those are my all time favorite costumes…I’ll do a little post about them, but my girl definitely stood out in the crowd when she wore that Rafiki costume!

  • I’ve got a double request of dinosaurs this year. I’ve got to get my tail in gear!

    • Teresa

      Ooh…I can’t wait to see your dinosaurs! They’ll be cute I’m sure 🙂