Recess Raglan Flip

Recess Raglan Pattern Have you all seen Ashley and Emily’s Flip this pattern series?  It really is great!  You start with a pattern (that they choose) and then get your creative juices going and see how you can change it up and make it your own.  This month the flip could be any pattern from the most recent Pattern Anthology release.  I had so many ideas floating around in my head, but I kept coming back to the Recess Raglan.  This shirt was just calling to be a dress! Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan Pattern

To change this pattern up, I lengthened the bodice by five inches, and started to flare it out to an extra three inches (on the fold) to make the bottom of the dress a bit more flow-y.  I liked the original neckline of Kate’s pattern, but wanted the dress to be a little more feminine.  So I sewed the pattern neckband on, according to the directions, and then just turned it under so it is entirely on the inside of the dress.  And then, of course, I added three little white buttons on either side of the raglan sleeves. Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan Pattern

The dress has a slight high low hemline, which I love!  And Sweet Pea loves it too!  I showed it to Sweet Pea and she said ‘It looks just like Saige’s dress!’  And then as we were getting ready to take pictures she said, ‘Mom…I look like a younger Siage, don’t I?’  Love it!  Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan Pattern Saige is the newest American Girl Doll, and my girl is determined to purchase her.  She has been saving all of her pennies.  She has saved up 2/3 of the money, and I know when she gets there, Saige will be the most loved doll because of all the hard work she has put into saving up for her!  Love these little life lessons!

P.S.  I just joined instagram!  I can tell I’m going to have fun looking through everyone’s pictures.  Wanna follow me?  Find me @dandeliondrift!

  • That’s an awesome idea for a flip! Now I want to make one for my niece…. Thanks for explaining how you did it… When your little model loves it, isn’t that priceless…

    • Teresa

      Thanks! I can’t wait to see if you sew one up for your niece!

  • Renee

    That first pic is so cute!! Great dress – love the added buttons!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee!

  • Love the buttons. Raglan sleeve dresses are a fave for me. Good for her for saving up her pennies!

    • Teresa

      Rachel…this penny saving has floored me. My girl is normally a spender but she is determined!

  • I just love this simple yet elegant looking dress! It’s amazing how something so simple like buttons add so much!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Sally!

  • Whoops I tried to link both of my blogs, the reason being I think this dress is perfect for a tween…which is the focus of a new blogging adventure–

    • Teresa

      I need to pop over and take a look. I’m kind of in denial though…there’s no way my girl is old enough to be a tween, right?

  • The dress looks so comfy! The colour is perfect for you girl 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Jenya. I was thinking I’ve been sewing a little too much in blue…I might need to add a few colors to my sewing repertoire.

  • Love this dress! I’m still working on my FLIP for this month, and it includes “Recess Raglan Dress”! I was wondering “why someone else think of it?” and you did! High low hemline is my favorite:)

    • Teresa

      Oh Shino…I can’t wait to see what you make. I’m sure it’ll be adorable!

  • This is a great practical dress! I love the blue 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Kerry! Sweet Pea has worn it a few times already!

  • Suz

    This dress is so cool…I want one for me!!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Suz…and I totally agree. One in my size would be so comfy!

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