I have to start this post by saying, in no way do I think my son is an airhead.  In fact, he is quite the opposite.  He has definitely inherited math wiz genes from my husband…his smarts blow me away.  Recess Raglan Pattern AIRHEAD Okay…on to the title of this post.  This week’s theme for PR&P is candy.  Of all four weeks, this week stumped me the most, I had no idea what I was going to do.  So I started to look through my fabric stash (begging for a little inspiration) and found this great, bright blue linen blend fabric and went from there.  The color reminded me so much of airhead packaging and so my theme was born…what do you think?  W Pants Pattern W Pants Pattern W Pants Pattern W Pants Pattern So the shorts.  I used the W Pants pattern from Melissa over at Blank Slate Patterns.  This pattern is great!  I used her tutorial to create a faux fly since that’s what my Bubba would request.  And then on the backside I used Kate’s tutorial (again) for zipper piping.  I had this great, old metal zipper in my stash that I cut apart and placed on the W shaped yoke in back.  This pattern is great…and I have several more things I want to crank out of the pattern (like a pair of shorts and pants for Sweet Pea).  Recess Raglan Pattern The shirt is the Recess Raglan Tee from Kate.  Instead of the elbow lengthed sleeves, I wanted short sleeves.  To do this I cut the sleeve at the shortest elbow length marking (the one to use the sleeve band with) and simply folded under 1/2 inch and then folding under 1/2 inch again and hemmed.  I will definitely be making a few more shirts from this pattern…it is wonderful! Recess Raglan Pattern Recess Raglan T Shirt While lots of you are gearing up for cooler weather, we are prepping to have summer hang around for a few more months.  In fact, it barely gets cold here, so summer clothing makes up about 90% of our wardrobe!  Recess Raglan Pattern One of my favorite parts about sewing for my kids is when they reach for their mama made clothes in the morning, which is happening more and more these days.  These kids make my heart soar!

  • Jenya

    Love the zipper piping! I will have to show this to my hubby!! Lovely outfit :0 Well done :0 it looks so comfy!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Jenya! It was a hit with the little man!!!

  • Renee

    That tee came out perfect! And I love the blue shorts with the zipper detail – I really want to try that now after seeing you use it a couple different ways. Very fitting detail for boy shorts.

    • Teresa

      This shorts pattern is different than last weeks, but also really good. Dana’s pattern is super easy and comes together quickly and this pattern is just a little bit more complicated (but I love it)!

  • lala

    Cool outfit!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Lala! My husband was leery of the zipper detail at first, but he likes it now. I have the approval from all in the family!

  • Karly Nelson

    What a great outfit! Love that bright blue!

    • Teresa

      That blue is one of my favorite colors! Makes me happy!

  • Chelsea

    What a comfy outfit! He seems to like it as well! Good job! Don’t forget to come link to our Fall Clothing Party!!!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Chelsea! I’ll come check out your party!

  • Vonnie

    So cute! I love the zipper detailing too!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Vonnie! Kate is so smart with her tutorials!

  • Beth

    I love the bright color for a boy. My son’s first choice is always a bright color, which I tend to shy away from–this inspires me to be more brave! My son will thank you!

    • Teresa

      Be brave…bright is so cheery and I think it’s kind of in right now (as if I am cool and up on all the trends)!

  • Maegen

    Those shorts are great! I absolutely love that color!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Maegen! I need some shorts in this color :)

  • Olga Becker

    What an awesome outfit. Love the bright color for the shorts and the zipper piping! Great job!

    • Teresa

      I’m trying to figure out how I can do zipper piping on something for me…it’s such an awesome detail!

  • Frances Suzanne

    Perfectly wearable outfit….without thinking “AIRHEAD” everytime you see it :)! Great job….and as little FYI, we have a year-long series called “Flip this Pattern” at, and this month’s flipped pattern/s is ALL ABOUT the Pattern Anthology Alphabet Collection! We’d love to see this creation in the sew-along for the month…

    • Teresa

      Thank you! I have plans to link up to your party…but I wanted to flip one of the anthology patterns a bit more…I kind of feel like I need to think a little more creatively for your party!!!

  • Scary

    I am so glad that someone did Airheads. Airheads were a big part of my growing up. When we were kids at swimming lessons about the only treat we had enough money was airheads because we could buy 10 for a dollar. So my sisters and I would pool our money for the 10 airheads. okay done with flash back.
    These pants are awesome. I love the bright blue pants against the zipper pipping. If my mom would have sewn things as cool as this I totally would have grabbed for my homemade stuff 90% of the time.
    With Love,

    • Teresa

      Thanks Scary! I love airheads and they are also one of my kids favorites! And thanks for the sweet compliments :)

  • Emiliy

    great outfit! I also struggled with this theme as I think its harder to sew “candy” for boys ;o) I love those shorts!!!! I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son… SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

    • Teresa

      Thanks Emily…I’m off to check out your Milky Way outfit…I love anything chocolate :)

  • Tracy King

    I am really loving that your look is so wearable! And he looks so happy that you made it for him too.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Tracy. I was kind of worried with the candy theme that anything I made would be costume-ish. He has worn this outfit many times already in the past week!

  • Kristi White

    I love those shorts. The zipper piping is so cute. What a great way to “candy” a boy outfit.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Kristi! The candy theme was a hard one…but I love what came out in the end and so does the little man!

  • jacq

    Love this whole look! Really like that grey jersey on the it upcycled from another tee?
    He seems happy! Great work.

    • Teresa

      The white is from another tee…from his dad’s drawer. The gray was left over from another project (a tee for me). I love using up all the scraps!

  • Simple Simon and Company

    Great outfit! I love that it is…and not a literal interpretation of the candy!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Liz! I was worried if I went literal I might get to costume-y! This has been a well loved outfit already!

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