Polka Dot Sorbetto

Polka Dot Sorbetto I have had my eye on the Sorbetto pattern for a while.  Recently I’ve been on a dress sewing spree for me, but I need more tops in my closet.  So the Sorbetto was a safe, inexpensive (it’s free) top to try.  Over the summer I snuck away to the thrift store by myself to quietly peruse what was there.  I came across this polka dotted skirt that was only 50 cents.  The skirt was neither my size nor my style, but I LOVED the fabric.  So home it came with me and then just hung in my closet.   Polka Dot Skirt

I grabbed it out earlier this week and thought a Sorbetto would be a perfect pairing with it.  I made a few modifications to the pattern, though.  First was to eliminate the center pleat.  Instead of cutting the pattern out on the center fold line, I lined the pleat line up with the center of my button placket and used that as my center line.  Polka Dot Sorbetto Since I eliminated the front pleat, I sized up to the next size based on my measurements.  I cut out a size 4 on top and graded out to an 8 for my hips.  I did end up taking it in just a bit at the bottom so the top was a bit more straight and didn’t flare out as much.  I also curved the hem and brought it up about 2 inches on either side.  Polka Dot Sorbetto I lowered the neckline by 1 inch and widened the scoop neck opening by 1 cm on each side of the shoulders.  And the binding was sewed on, much like Jen does in her flat bias tutorial Polka Dot Sorbetto

Originally, I had hoped to squeeze enough fabric out of this skirt to make a shirt with sleeves.  There are times that I think my arms look beefy, but a tank top is all I had material for, and when it cools off I will throw a cardigan over it!  Polka Dot Sorbetto So, have you sewn the Sorbetto before?  I would definitely recommend it!  Now I need to dig through the stash and see if I have some fabric to try this top with sleeves!

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  • Cute!! I need to sew for me more…this is definitely inspiring. I’m sure I’ve been on your site before, and you are a lovely commenter, but there was never a hyperlink to your site, so I couldn’t remember if you had a blog or not, and so I was not seeing all this great stuff I’ve been missing out on!!!! Also, I just got bangs and we sorta look alike…long dark hair, blue eyes, bangs… Ha! I just followed you so as not to miss too much over here again!

    • Teresa

      You are super sweet. We can be blogging twins 🙂 The bangs are fairly new to me and I’m trying to learn how to deal with them. Sometimes they just end up back in a headband (which is kind of nice, I like to change things up)!

  • You have made such a lovely top out of such a questionable skirt 🙂 Love it!! Love the hemline 🙂 I have this pattern saved on my computer, so as soon as I take a break from sewing for markets I will make myself one… or two… or…

    • Teresa

      Whatcha making for market? And I’d love to see the sorbetto when you make it…it’s a really easy pattern!

  • I love the hemline mod, and the fabric is beautiful! It even matches your eyes! I made myself a black and white polka dot Sorbetto a little while back, and it’s one of my favorite tops. I often wear it to work with a brightly colored cardigan and a chunky necklace.

    • Teresa

      I just popped over and saw your sorbetto(s) and they are both awesome. This is definitely a pattern I will make again. Both of yours seem to be a little more drapey than mine, which I think is super flattering!

  • Zoe

    It’s a really cute top and your arms definitely aren’t beefy! 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Zoe. Body images are kind of funny, huh?!?

  • i love it! great modifications and the polka dots are awesome. gotta love a good thrift store find like that–nice repurpose!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Ashley! Anything polka dots just makes me happy (just like any thrift store find)!!!

  • WOW! This was a brilliant way to re-purpose your thrifted skirt. I would never have guessed this fabric lived a life as a skirt before becoming a blouse!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Michelle! I’ve got to figure out what pattern to do next…I need more tops in my closet now!

  • Wow, I wish I could sew just like you! I love how you transformed the skirt into a top, perfect for reworking an old skirt. 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Cheryl! Sewing is a labor of love…it get’s easier over time though 🙂

  • Ooh I’d love to try the Sorbetto! It looks great on you, and that polka dot fabric is fabulous!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Heather. The Sorbetto pattern was super easy….and free is awfully nice too!