Guinea Pig Cupcakes

August was a busy month for us with beach trips and birthday parties.  Sweet Pea turned nine, which is still just blowing my mind…nine is OLD!  When did this happen?  Guinea Pig cupcake Each year the kids request a theme for their birthday party and this year, Sweet Pea wanted Guinea Pigs.  She put that request in early, and we quietly sat by hoping the theme would change.  It didn’t.  There’s not a lot to do with a guinea pig theme; and there’s not a lot of resources on the web about guinea pig themed parties. Sweet Pea is Nine

Josh built a PVC water structure, much like this kid car wash here, and we played with water balloons and slip and slides.  The kids drew with chalk on the fence and then we ate!  So here come the cupcakes.  We were puzzled about the cupcakes and then it hit me one night. guinea pig cupcakes tutorial I started with a circus peanut.  guinea pig cupcake circus peanut And then dipped it into some brown almond bark (found at your grocery store).  Wilton’s candy coating would work perfectly too!
guinea pig cupcake circus peanut with chocolate guinea pig cupcake circus peanut covered

And then drizzled a few spots of white almond bark (or candy coating).  These spots do not have to be perfect, after all, guinea pig hair can sometimes be kind of wild! guinea pig cupcake Finally, it’s time for a face, which was very easy.  We used tootsie rolls (the flavored kind) to shape the pink nose.  I just rolled a small ball and put it into the wet almond bark.  The eyes were made much the same, rolling the white tootsie rolls to make the eyes and then dotting them with some brown almond bark.  The ears were shaped with chocolate tootsie rolls by rolling out a ball and smushing it flat into an oval shape.  And that’s it! Guinea Pig Cupcake Tutorial I’d love to hear if you are a themed birthday type of family.  Have you ever had a hard theme to work with?

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  • Awesome!!! I have a daughter her age. We LOVE guinea pigs! Thanks for blazing the trail of guinea pig parties:)

    • Teresa

      Yay…another guinea pig fan. Between the American Girl dolls and guinea pigs our daughters would be fast friends!

  • Those are adorable!!!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Diana!

  • First of all, I LOVE that your daughter requested guinea pigs for a theme. How awesome is that?! And you are such a good mom for going with it. The cupcakes turned out so well too. Good job!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Ashley! I do love that my kids have loves that are not necessarily main stream or popular.

  • ~T~

    My younger boys think of odd party themes all year long. Usually we can settle them to something doable eventually. Last year we had a penguin party and a dragon party, which were pretty fun. They also come up with things like ninja training, and they’ve probably suggested hamsters, but I said no. I’ll keep your cupcakes in mind in case it comes up again!

    • Teresa

      I love all of your kid’s ideas…they all sound like great parties! My son would love that ninja training party 🙂

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