Paddle Board T Shirt


My son, Bubba (you guys know that is not his real name, right?) is amazing….I love him to pieces.  Okay…I’m going to go off on a tangent real quick.  I decided to call him Bubba on the blog here, because that is what my Grandpa used to call him.  (He passed away this past year, but I can still hear him saying, “Bubba, come give me a kiss.”  You couldn’t leave Grandpa’s house without giving him a kiss.)  Paddle Board T Shirt Okay, back to Bubba.  He has an amazing personality.  His personality exudes “I don’t care what you think about me….I know I am awesome.”  But that “I’m not going to follow the crowd” attitude is combined with a gentle, compassionate soul.  He is pretty awesome (but I am his mom…I’m sure all moms think that about their kids, at least I hope they do).  Gray V  Neck Well one of his favorite things to do is paddle board, so I thought I would make him a paddle board t shirt.  I sewed up this gray v neck t shirt (from a vintage Simplicity 9996 pattern), had my husband draw me a silhouette of Bubba paddle boarding, cut away the design from freezer paper and painted away.  Can you guys see the freezer paper stencil on this shirt?  Yeah, I can’t either, but I know it is there, and more importantly Bubba knows it is there.  Gray  V Neck Other than my lack of forethought on the fact that black fabric paint won’t show on dark gray fabric, I love this shirt.  And Bubba loves that his shirt holds a secret design.  When the light hits it right, you can see the design, maybe!  And Bubba, being his strong little personality, won’t care if you can see it or not; He knows it is a paddle boarding shirt and that is all that matters! Gray V Neck

  • I’ve done that! It can be like that really really loved shirt that the logo has faded from after so many washings 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      That’s a good way to look at it! We’ll call it vintage!

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