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This is the last week at Project Sewn and the challenge is to sew your signature style.  I am a skirt and t shirt kind of girl.  I like the girly aspect of a skirt and the simplicity of a t shirt.  green circle skirt 009 After last week’s attempt at sewing a t shirt, I felt pretty confident to try another knit shirt.  This week I cut up an old favorite tee of mine to use as a pattern.  I’m thrilled with how this simple whit t shirt turned out and my confidence level is high with knits!  green circle skirt 027 And here is yet another circle skirt.  I’m kind of in love with them.  This time I followed a different tutorial so I could do a skirt without an elastic waistband.   The green fabric for this skirt is a thin cotton, which required me to line it.  green circle skirt 019 I love that a skirt can be dressed up, or dressed down.  So here is my signature style.  green circle skirt 033

  • aelswick

    very pretty love it!–amberE

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks Amber!

  • Love this color combo…green and turquoise are FABulous together! Great skirt…

    Visiting from the Pleated Poppy 🙂

  • Very pretty. Love the circle skirt! (that’s a lot of hemming! 🙂 )

  • Rachel G

    I’ve never yet been brave enough to sew with a knit fabric, but your new tshirt looks like you’ve definitely got the technique down!

  • Wow, great job! I love tees and skirts, too, and I think this combo turned out great. 🙂

  • dandeliondrift

    Thank you all!
    Rachel: you should try a tee, I was scared before last week and now I’m feeling like I can tackled knits without any fear!

  • Gorgeous skirt! I loooove the color <3

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest:

  • Renee

    I love the green and white together – the green really pops! And great job with the shirt-

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks Renee! I was thrilled when I found this green fabric at the store.

  • t-shirt and skirt is definitely my style as well. my husband always makes fun of me because i like to clean in a skirt, but it’s a win for me because i can move much more freely.
    great job! i’m new to the t-shirt world as well. aren’t they awesome??

    • dandeliondrift

      I completely agree. I feel comfortable in a tee and skirt, but still look put together.

  • I love circle skirts, so twirly! This whole outfit is great, I like the color combinations 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks Kelly!

  • I love this skirt!!

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks, I am in love with circle skirts!

  • ~T~

    Cute outfit!

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks! I ended up wearing it all day Wednesday and loved it!

  • I’m so jealous of those who can make their own clothes. I can kind of slim shirts and that’s about it. That skirt is PERFECT

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks. I have been loving making my own clothes!

  • This skirt is wonderful!!! I’ve never made myself a circle skirt before but have always wanted to…and the color is AWESOME!!!! I totally love it. (And the shirt to! 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      Thank you. You should try a rifle skirt…they are so easy!

  • Love the skirt!! That color makes me happy! 🙂

  • dandeliondrift

    I agree….green is just a happy color!

  • this is gorgeous! love that green 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks….green is such a fun, cheerful color!

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