Sewing a Striped Tee

So I am continuing on tackling a few of my fears with sewing.  Sewing a tee!  Yikes! tee shirt There are a few reasons why I have not sewn a tee.  First, t shirts are so cheap at the store, I didn’t see any reason to try and sew one up. tee shirt 3

Second, they are knit…and that word alone used to scare me a bit. But I am trying to overcome some of my sewing anxieties, so when Kristin published a free t shirt pattern, I decided I better give it a try.   tee shirt 2

From the time I printed this pattern to the time I gave the shirt a final press, it took me about 1.5 hours.  Not bad for a first tee!  This is such a super comfy shirt, I love it.   tee shirt 4

And do you want to know the price?  $1.  I bought one yard of this fabric at the thrift store for $1 and I think I have enough left over to make Sweet Pea a shirt.  Best of all, I am not scared of knits or sewing t shirts!  Mission accomplished!

  • It looks cute and comfy! And I always love an awesome thrift store find! 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks! I want to try another t shirt now!

  • I keep reading about all these lucky bloggers finding fabric at the thrift store. I never get any fabric other than vintage sheets at my local thrift shops. Your shirt came out great.

    • dandeliondrift

      Thanks! I can usually find fabric, but never vintage sheets!

  • It’s really cute! Nice work conquering your fears 🙂 I have that pattern all printed out and haven’t had a chance to try it, but seeing yours makes me want to get to it!

    • dandeliondrift

      I’m definitely going to make another one of these!

  • It’s awesome! Gotta love that cheap knit – it’s got a bit of a ’70s or ’80s vibe i think, eh? Thanks so much for sewing the scoop top!! 🙂

    • dandeliondrift

      I love it, thanks for the free pattern!

  • Oh my god, I love it!! I too am afraid of jersey and knits. But seeing this I might just give it a try. :>

    • dandeliondrift

      Nicolle…you should! It is much easier than you would think!