Egyptian Costumes

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion DriftI don’t know if I had griped about this here, but this year my kids gave me a doozie of a Halloween request.  They asked to be Jabba the Hutt and Gollum.  First Gollum…I had to explain that he is naked.  And then Jabba the Hutt…that could either turn out to be the coolest costume, or the biggest flop.  I asked the kiddos what their runner up costume would be and they both landed on ancient Egyptians!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

Phew…I knew I could handle Egyptians!  For Sweet Pea’s costume, I used a dress I had already made.  This is the First Day Dress that I blogged about back here.  She just needed a few accessories to make it an Egyptian costume.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

I had some gold swimsuit fabric lying around (probably from sewing Egyptian costumes for the church play).  I made a simple belt to tie around her waist.  This belt is really easy…it’s just a three inch wide piece of fabric, with a tie shape sewn onto the middle (no finished edges for this belt!).  And it’s just safety pinned in the back.  I also made her gold bracelets, and a gold headband (I will have a tutorial for this headband in the near future).

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

For Bubba’s costume I was starting from scratch.  I’m going to give you a real quick run down, but the materials were simple.  You’ll need a large brown t shirt, some gold fabric, and a small cut of blue knit fabric.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The skirt is a simple yoga waisted skirt (like this tutorial).  For the collar, I simply cut around the collar of the t shirt, 3.5 inches wide.  I didn’t want the ribbing of the brown shirt to show on the collar, so I folded that under and stitched into place.  Then I cut one inch wide strips of my gold swimsuit fabric, and sewed two rows of that in place (the second row wrapped around the raw edges of the collar).  Quick and easy!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The head dress is a piece of blue knit fabric, 14 inches by 25 inches.  Again, the gold is just one inch pieces of fabric sewn down every few inches.  And it is held in place with a gold headband (tutorial coming).  And the belt is just like Sweet Pea’s belt.

The staff was my husband’s idea.  It’s a piece of one inch pvc pipe spray painted gold.  The top curved part is air dry clay, shaped, dried, and painted.  Voila…Egyptians with accessories!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  I asked my kids to do whatever they thought ancient Egyptians would do…and they were having these silly arguments about who has the power!  They were hilarious and loved getting into character!

Any last minute Halloween sewing going on at your house?


Poolside Tote

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion DriftDo you remember the blue bag I made a few weeks ago?  The cooper bag sewn up in a new canvas print?  Well, geo pop canvas (by Emmie K) is now available in stores, and I was able to play with more of the fabric from this line!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I made Anna’s poolside tote in this black, cream and white geometric print, called pepper, and lined it with orange linen.  Can I just say I love this bag!  It is big, really big, but so, so perfect!  Definitely roomy, and has a great shape, and pretty curves!  It’s a good bag!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I wanted this bag to be able to stand on it’s own, so I underlined it in canvas, and also used interfacing.  The bag has structure but isn’t stiff!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the front pocket to blend in or stand out.  I went with stand out, and matched the black lines to the white lines, just so it would pop a bit!  And I squeezed a little bit of leather onto this thrifted orange zipper, which matched the linen perfectly!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

Pattern :: poolside tote

Fabric :: geo pop canvas

Outfit Breakdown :: thrifted jeans, Foxglove tank (blogged here), poolside tote

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

Syrah Skirt

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I know maxi skirts are not everyone’s jam, but I love them.  They are long, and lean, make you look pullled together and feel super super comfy!  Kind of like wearing pajamas but looking like you actually tried when you got dressed in the morning!  That’s my kind of getting dressed!  And they are versatile.  I wore this skirt with a tank top to a 5K race to cheer on Josh, but I also dressed it up and wore it as pictured here to church!

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I have been eying the Syrah skirt pattern ever since I started seeing images popping up on instagram!  Lauren was kind of quiet about the pattern for a bit, and I wondered if something happened to the release.  But I was thrilled when I found out it was a part of this round of the Perfect Pattern Parcel (PPP).

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

New to the pattern parcel?  I’ve blogged about past parcels here, here, and here, but you can read a run down of PPP over on their website.  It’s basically an opportunity for you to support independent pattern designers (which I’m obviously a big fan of) and donate a bit to charity at the same time (also a fan).

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

This round of PPP has six great patterns that are all really cute (and wearable)!  In the bundle of patterns, there’s the Syrah skirt (that’s what I’m showing you here!), the Hudson Pant (I’ve made them before and LOVE them), the Bronte top, the Zsalya Dress, the Julia cardigan, and the Odette Dress.  Great collection, huh?  All patterns that I eventually want to sew (when I find the time).  Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

So this skirt.  I squeezed this pattern onto a little bit of knit fabric I had picked up at the thrift store.  It is some kind of synthetic something or other, which I normally shy away from.  But I really love how it looks!  I didn’t have much fabric to spare, so my skirt is a little bit shorter than I would normally like.  If I could add just an inch it would be prefect!  I left the bottom edge unhemmed because of the length.  This thrifted fabric was just a bit see through, which turned out just fine.  Lauren includes instructions on how to line the skirt with swimsuit fabric.  Perfect, huh?Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I was meticulous with my stripe matching (using my mark the stripe lines on the pattern pieces method that I talked about here).  That really does work out well.  I hadn’t thought much, though, about how my stripes on the skirt would match up with the waistband.  Just so so, but I’m probably the only one who notices that!

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

So here’s a breakdown of my sewing here:

Pattern :: Syrah skirt, size 4

Fabric :: thrifted

Outfit Breakdown :: thrifted Banana Republic button down, Syrah skirt, Elle sandals, Old navy belt (from the men’s section), Hawaiian jewelry

And you really should take a look at the PPP.  It’s an exciting package!  (Click on this last image, it’ll take you right over there!)

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
Perfect Pattern Parcel provided me with these six patterns, but as always, my opinions are 100% honest and my own!  I LOVE my Syrah skirt!

Color Blocking Because…

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Color blocking because…Marcel Marlier made me do it.  Who is Marcel Marlier?  He was a children’s book illustrator and drew kids with great, classic style and has been inspiring others!  Suz from Sew Pony and An from Straight Grain have started a sewing series inspired by Marcel Marlier, in fact they have a great pinterest board full of inspiration!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

So I have to be honest here and say I didn’t know who Marcel Marlier was…but when I heard children’s book, I was intrigued.  We are a book loving family, so off to the library I went in search of one of her books.  I found one, in French (which I don’t speak), but I took it to a friend of mine who kindly told me the gist of the story.  But really I was interested in looking at the pictures, and I loved every single illustration in the book.  I showed it to Sweet Pea, and she said, “ooh, can you make me the ballerina dress?”

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I’ve said this many times, but anything knit is a hit with my girl…so I looked through my fabrics and found some blue Robert Kaufman jersey and a little purple jersey I had picked up in the Jo Ann’s remnant bin.  I grabbed my First Day Dress pattern, and started laying the fabric out.  This pattern has a handful of options, but to match the “ballerina dress” I used the swing dress in a size 9.  I decided to do my color blocking in a few areas.  For the skirt, I cut along the shortest skirt line (size 2) and used that as my color blocking line.  I won’t go into the color blocking how to because there’s a really great tutorial on the Oliver and S blog.  I cut out the rest of the skirt length in the blue jersey (all the way down to the size 9 line).

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

For the top of the dress, I decided I wanted to do the front in purple and the back in blue.  The First Day Dress pattern has identical front and back pieces.  I modified that a bit by lowering the front neck line 1.5 inches and widening it by .5 inch on both sides.  Two more pattern changes…I added pockets in the side seams of the skirt, and I also finished the armholes and neckfollowing Rachael’s tutorial here.

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I finished off the neck and armholes with my twin needle, which I am learning to love.  And I also decided to leave the bottom band unhemmed.  The jersey will curl a bit with wash, which doesn’t bother me a bit.  In fact, I kind of like the casual look it gives the dress!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

There is a great sewalong to link your Marcel projects two on An and Suz’s blogs, and there’s also a great giveaway that you should enter below!  My fingers are crossed that your name will be the lucky name drawn, because I sure know I’d love to win all these gift cards to go fabric shopping!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Enter the giveaway

Make sure to check out all of the other great Marcel Marlier inspiration.  There’s a beautiful dress over at Aesthetic Nest today…along with many more creations to come!


Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan

Hey all!  Today I’m over at Mae and K talking about villain costumes…ooh Halloween is coming!

Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan :: Dandelion Drift

I wanted to sew something that Sweet Pea needed and would wear again, enter this raglan dress.  She loves anything made out of knit fabric, and dresses are reached for every Sunday!  You’ll have to hop on over to Maegan and Karen’s blog to see how I styled this up for a costume, but I love that it is every day wear also!

black and white raglan dress

When I went to sew this raglan dress, I wanted my stripes to match up perfectly.  I always wondered how I could do this, and it turns out it’s actually pretty easy.  Just three little steps.

Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan :: Dandelion Drift

  1.   First take your sewing pattern and cut out the front piece of your striped fabric. Now transfer those stripe marks onto your actual pattern piece, just by putting a little line at the top of each stripe.
  2.   Next, grab your back pattern piece, and line it up with your front pattern piece along the side seam, matching the underarm.  Transfer the stripe marks to your back piece and then cut out your fabric.
  3.   Last, grab your sleeve pattern pieces, lay them next to the front pattern piece, and transfer the stripes where you would like them to match up.  Start with the front seam, and then the side seam.  And that’s it!  Cut out your sleeve fabric.

striped raglan dress

The way I was matching my stripes before was a lot less accurate!  This has worked perfectly each time, and really works well for any pattern.  I don’t know why I hadn’t been making marks for my striped fabric on my pattern before!

Raglan Dress

My one tip for you to get your stripes to match while you are sewing…use lots of pins.  I am normally not a pinner.  I’m lazy and like to get the job done quickly.  But with stripes, pins are needed.  Pin each and every stripe to get them to match up perfectly.  Don’t take that pin out of your fabric until the sewing machine needle is just about to hit it…after all of your accurate cutting, you don’t want your fabric to shift around on you and lose your perfect stripes.

tutorial raglan stripes matching


Ella Top

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

Gosh I’ve been doing a lot of sewing for myself lately.  And it really has been fun!  I’ve been trying to think a lot about what I sew for myself before I begin .  I’ve been choosy about my patterns, choosy about my fabrics, choosy about my finishes.  I really want to sew myself clothes that are wearable, clothes that I will reach for any day.  And since I really want to wear my clothes frequently, I’ve been making sure they are finished nicely, inside and out.  This means my sewing is a lot slower, but that’s okay with me.  I’ve said this many times, but I sew because I enjoy the process.  Not because I want to be a sweat shop and churn out as much as I can as quickly as I can!

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

Want to hear about the shirt I just finished?  I started this during selfish sewing week, but wasn’t able to finish it entirely until this week.  This is the Ella top by Liola Designs.  I picked it up at the Indie Sew shop and I LOVE it!  I paired this pattern with a quilting cotton.  I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to sew clothes out of quilting cotton.  The weight and drape of the fabric is usually all wrong.  But this is art gallery quilting cotton.  It’s entirely different than other quilting cotton out there.

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

The fabric is by Bonnie Christine from her winged line for art gallery fabric.  I ordered just one yard and really squeezed the pattern onto my little one yard cut!

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

I veered off the pattern just a little bit when I was sewing.  I cut out the size small, which is where my measurements put me.  I decided to shorten the front hem by 1 inch and then did a teeny tiny baby hem to help all of the curves of the hem lie flat.  There’s a great tutorial for baby hems on the Colette site.

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

I also am in love with Rachael’s tutorial for finishing off neck and arm holes with knit fabric.  She has a great tutorial here.  And I was so glad to have a few scraps left of Bonnie’s knit fabric (from my maxi skirt) that matches these little birds perfectly.  Want to see what the insides look like?  Pretty, huh?

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

The last change I made was to french seam the sides.  Oh yeah, I also wanted my yoke to hide all of the raw edges, so I used Grainline’s tutorial for that.  Amazing people on the web with all of their amazing tutorials!

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

So what do you think?  Liola patterns has three patterns out, two down (the natalie top can be seen here), and I have her third pattern cut out (the Molly cardigan).  Her designs are clean and her directions are clear and I’m just loving her style!  What have you been sewing lately?

Ella Top :: Dandelion Drift

Pattern :: Ella Top, size small

Fabric :: Birds Peck by Bonnie Christine for art gallery fabrics

Outfit Breakdown :: Ella Top, white jeans (Old Navy), Elle sandals, bracelets (c/o trashy crafter)

Selfish Sewing Week :: Pencil Skirt

pleated pencil skirt 3

What kind of sewing is your favorite sewing?  Is it sewing gifts for others?  Sewing things for your kiddos?  Sewing for your husband?  I definitely love any kind of sewing, but my favorite, by far, is sewing for myself!  Any kind of sewing for myself.  Sewing for my house (I just finished sewing some curtains for Bubba’s room), or sewing my clothes!  It’s selfish sewing week, which is giving me all kinds of inspiration to whip up a few things for myself!

pleated pencil skirt 2

I started my selfish week of sewing by working on this pencil skirt.  It’s the Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia.  This is my first try at sewing a pencil skirt and I have to tell you I was a bit nervous.  It’s a form fitted skirt, so I knew fit was very important.  With Delia’s pattern, though, I shouldn’t have been nervous at all.  It was a super easy make and fit me perfectly!  Delia’s directions are very clear.  She walks you through sewing the pattern, but also explains how to blend between different sizes.

pleated pencil skirt 6

I had the hardest time trying to decide what fabric to use for this pattern.  I was this close to buying striped fabric for the skirt when I was out shopping with friends over the weekend, but my indecisiveness won over and I walked away leaving the stripes at the store.  I am so glad I left those stripes behind because I found this coral lace fabric I had in the closet.  Second time sewing with lace and I LOVE how it turned out!  Oh, the lining fabric was a thrift store find also…nothing like sewing from your stash!

pleated pencil skirt

Let me tell you a few pattern changes I made.  They are minor, but they helped me achieve the look I was going for.  With the lace, I knew that I didn’t want any of my seams or darts to show through, so instead of lining the skirt like Delia guides you through, I underlined it.  When you underline, you treat the lining piece and the skirt piece as one.  I actually basted my lining to the lace.  There’s a good explanation of underlining here if you want to give it a try.

pleated pencil skirt 7

I also took the side seams in by 1/8 of an inch on either side.  My measurements put me right in between the size 4 and size 6.  I cut out the size 6, knowing that it is always a lot easier to take in the pattern if needed.  This worked out perfectly.  I think this might be the best fitting garment I have ever sewn.  The skirt fits me perfectly!

pleated pencil skirt 4

The last change I made was shortening the hem a bit.  The pattern pieces are long enough that you could end the skirt right below your knees.  I asked Josh which length he preferred, below the knees or right above the knees.  He chose above, so above I hemmed.  I wasn’t sure how I should finish off my bottom hem, with the lace and lining as one fabric.  I ended up using bias tape around the bottom edge of the fabric, and then turning up the hem and hand stitching it in place.

pleated pencil skirt 5

Anyone sewing something for themselves this selfish sewing week?  Need some inspiration?  Rachael over at Imagine Gnats has a whole slew of inspiration for you this week, and you can also pop on over to Kollabora to see even more sewing going on!

I want to try and start including a quick break down of pattern, fabric, and outfit info at the bottom of my post…so here goes…

Pattern :: Pleated Pencil Skirt size 6

Fabric :: Coral lace from the Sewing Studio and Nude lining from the thrift store

Outfit Breakdown ::  Pencil Skirt, Natalie Top (blogged here), Lands End Canvas belt, Chaps shoes

Delia provided the Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern for me, which I then sewed and shared my honest opinion with you here! 

Geo Pop Canvas

geo pop bag

Do you ever have something that you feel like you have to buy right away?  You can’t wait.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m like a toddler at the grocery store check out line, as they point to a candy bar whining “I want it now!”  That’s how I was with the Cooper Sewing pattern, but then I let the thirty something year old me talk myself into waiting.  I patiently watched this pattern go on sale and then decided to put it on my Christmas wishlist.  That was last year, and my sweet sister in law gifted it to me.  And then, wah wah, I let that poor pattern just sit in my sewing room for 9 months.  9 whole months.  Crazy how something I wanted so badly I let collect dust on the shelves of my sewing room for almost a whole year.

geo pop canvas cooper bag

Well, this pattern rightly was dusted off and put to good use this past weekend.  There’s a new fabric line coming out that I was able to take a peek at and play around with!  It’s designed by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman and it’s full of bold colors printed on canvas, called Geo Pop Canvas!  Perfect pairing for the cooper bag.

geopop canvas

I kind of love each print in this fabric line, and am so thrilled that I was able to sew with all these blue colors….that’s my favorite color after all!

geopop cooper

Want to know about the Cooper bag?  This was my first time sewing it up, and it can be a little intimidating at first sight.  There are lots of pattern pieces, but all those pattern pieces add up to one well designed bag.  I’m kind of in the camp that these pattern pieces help make this bag look legit…not homemade!  And the pattern pieces all fit together perfectly!

geopop canvas bag

I do have one little caution to throw out about the pattern.  What Colette calls as the main fabric, I would definitely deem the accent fabric.  In my pictures, the solid blue is called the main fabric (according to the pattern pieces) while the print is called the accent fabric.  That threw me for a minute, and that definitely could just be the way my brain works.

geo pop canvas cooper

I did make just a couple of pattern changes.  I made my own straps, in lieu of cotton webbing.  I wanted my blue to match perfectly.  There is an add on to the pattern that you can purchase to help you with that, but I knew what to do already.  I also lengthened some pattern pieces to help get the whole repeat of a print on there.

geo pop canvas bag

This is definitely a pattern I will sew again.  And these fabrics are something I would love to play around more with.  I have my eye on the multicolored print you can see here!  You can read more about Emmie K and Geo Pop Canvas on the Robert Kaufman site here or on her own site heregeo pop cooper

These fabrics were provided for me, but all opinions are, of course my own!  This fabric is truly great!

Fall Sewing with Indiesew

Commuter Cowl and Natalie Top :: Dandelion Drift

Has the weather started cooling off for you all yet?  It’s just getting hotter and hotter here in Florida, but I’m dreaming of cooler temperatures.  If you dream it, it will come, right?

Natalie Top :: Dandelion Drift

I love cooler weather for so many reasons.  Okay, maybe I should pause for a minute.  I might define cooler weather a little bit differently than you.  I have almost always lived in a tropical climate, so cooler means anything in the 70s.  Back to why I love it cooling off.  Cooler weather means I get to wear all of my fun layering clothes that hardly come out.  Cooler weather means snuggles on the couch.  Cooler weather means camping is possible again.  Cooler weather…who am I kidding.  It’s just a dream right now for me, but it might be your reality, and a girl can dream!

Natalie Top :: Dandelion Drift

So fall sewing was on the brain and Allie from Indiesew asked if I’d like to sew a few of their patterns they have bundled up into their fall collection.  Have you heard of Indiesew yet?  It’s this pretty neat storefront (online) that has a selection of great indie women’s sewing patterns.  A good selection of sewing patterns all in one location, and if you need a little inspiration, sewists have uploaded photos of their creations to the shop so you can peak around at what everyone has been making.  Great idea, huh?  And take a look at their fall collection, two tops, two bottoms, two accessories, all great patterns (one of which I already own, the Hudson Pants and would absolutely put them into my fall must have sewing list).


I was excited to try a few new patterns and a new to me designer.  Let me start with the new to me designer.  I sewed the Natalie top by Liola Patterns.  I knew that I could use a new chambray shirt and had the perfect Robert Kaufman chambray fabric.  (I’ve used this fabric to sew a pair of shorts that I love, and I promise, promise, promise that I won’t wear this shirt with those shorts…that would just be awkward!)  This pattern was great.  The pieces lined up perfectly, it printed out easily, and the directions were incredibly clear.  I definitely would try another Liola pattern.

Natalie Top :: Dandelion Drift

The next item I sewed was the commuter cowl.  Would you believe this is the first scarf I have sewn?  This isn’t an ordinary scarf, though.  Shannon takes a simple cut of fabric, and just with a few cuts, a few folds, a few stitches, and a few twists you have a really awesome cowl!  I love this scarf and will definitely wear it often.  Shannon’s directions are clear.  If you follow her steps, just as she laid out, your scarf will come together quickly and easily.  I used a bit of plaid flannel I had picked up at Jo Anns last year in a super clearance deal.  Gah…I love this cowl.

Commuter Cowl :: Dandelion Drift

So fall sewing has commenced over here, now let’s get some fall weather rolling in!  I’m ready to bundle up in all these fun clothes and go camping!

Commuter Cowl :: Dandelion Drift

Sew A Maxi Skirt

Happy short four day week!  I love a week with a holiday in it!

Sew a Maxi Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

Today I’m over at Imagine Gnats talking about this maxi skirt I sewed up with some more art gallery knit!  Have I told you I love art gallery knits yet?  They are dreamy!  I might have to make myself a whole wardrobe out of them, and then it’ll feel like I’m wearing jammies all the time!  Is that allowed?  Well, come take a look at the maxi skirt and all the details!