Nikko Top

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

Did you see Kelli’s newest pattern release? True Bias just released a new top and dress pattern, Nikko and I sewed a few test runs of this pattern right before Christmas!

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

The Nikko is a great mock turtleneck pattern that has a ton of options.  It can be sewn as seen here in view B as a long sleeve mock turtleneck. There’s also a sleeveless top option, and then there’s also two dress options, sleeveless and long sleeved.

I sewed the long sleeve top for my daughter in a size 0. There were not many changes to this pattern since testing, just lengthening the arms and the hemline a bit (which I didn’t hem either, so the picture you see is likely much like the final pattern). Kelli also added a little more ease towards the waist of the pattern.

This version was sewn out of a very lightweight knit from the imagine gnats shop, but it has since sold out.

I also sewed myself a sleeveless nikko, but haven’t had a chance to snap some good pics of it!  I love this quick, versatile pattern!

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

Here’s one more picture for you! For all of my curly haired readers, I would love some of your curl advice!!! My daughter has the prettiest curly hair, and it has been a fun road to learning what products work well with her hair. We’re always on the hunt for new products or hair routines to try. What works well with your curls?

Here’s a quick sewing recap

Pattern: Nikko Top

Size: 0

Fabric: lightweight knit from Imagine Gnats

Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans

Ginger Jeans

I have the last of my three jeans I sewed during my little jeans sewing spree!  These are the Ginger Jeans again, this time in a light denim from Fabric Mart. And since I am wrapping up these jeans, I thought I’d share a little about the Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about this light denim pair of Gingers, you can pop over to Fabric Mart’s blog to read more about them, but I will say that I love them. And they are the perfect color of light blue that I have been looking for (actually they are the wrong side of the fabric as you can see from the pic above, the right side is a much more vibrant blue)!

Okay, onto a little comparison. Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans. There are two Gingers on the left in the above picture and the Morgan is on the right. Ginger Jeans are hight waisted and made with stretch denim. Morgan Jeans are mid rise and sewn out of non stretch denim. I love both patterns, but I definitely think the Ginger Jeans are more flattering.

Here’s a picture comparing the view from the back. This time Morgan is on the left and Ginger is on the right. You can see from the back how much higher of the waist the Gingers are.


Here’s a waist comparison. Morgan Jeans are on top and Ginger Jeans are the two pictures below.  All three patterns were sewn the same size. I definitely need to add some room in my Morgan Jeans next time to avoid the pulling you see in the button down fly. The fact that the Morgan Jeans are sewn out of non stretch denim makes fitting them a little less forgiving!

I love to see a little comparison and I hope this Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans was helpful for you. Ask me any questions, I’d love to help! And to see more in depth details head to these links to read about each pair individually!

Dark Indigo Ginger Jeans

Morgan Jeans

Light Denim Ginger Jeans



Morgan Jeans

Morgan Jeans

Up next on my three jean sewing spree are the Morgan Jeans. This is the first time I’ve sewn this pattern.

Morgan Jeans

First off, the Morgan Jeans are a boyfriend fit jeans made out of non stretch denim.

Morgan Jeans

I used another denim from the Indiesew shop, a 10 oz non stretch denim.  This is the same fabric I used for my lander shorts (those were just bleached and tea dyed).  I really am a fan of this fabric and how it wears!

Morgan Jeans

I sewed a size six at the waist, graded out to an eight at the hips (just like my ginger jeans). I have a bit too much pulling at the hips on these, which is causing the button fly to gape open a bit. Next time I will add a little more room in the hips.

Morgan Jeans

Other than that, I really like the fit of these! I think the boyfriend fit style is a fun, relaxed look. It’s completely different than the skinny jeans I am so used to wearing!

Morgan Jeans

Again, I used red serger thread to finish the seams so I could get a pop of color when I cuff my jeans! Tomorrow I’ll show you my last pair in this jeans sewing spree and give you a little comparison picture of them all!

Quick Recap

Pattern: Morgan Jeans

Fabric: 10 oz non stretch denim

Size: 6 graded to 8 at hips

Notions: gutermann topstitching thread; Taylor Tailor rivets and buttons

Modifications: Shortened 2 inches; next time – add more room at the hips



Ginger Jeans

If you follow me on instagram, you know that last month I decided to add to the mix of busy December and sew three pairs of jeans! Actually, the jeans sewing was a nice little stress relief. I’d sit down when I had a free thirty minute window and knock out a step or two on all three pairs of jeans! This week I’m going to show you my jeans (which I just finished at the beginning of January), starting with these Ginger Jeans.

This jeans sewing party consisted of two pairs of ginger jeans and one pair of morgan jeans. I’ve sewn the Ginger Jeans a couple times before (see them here and here), but this was my first time sewing the Morgans.

Okay, more about these Ginger Jeans.  I used this stretch denim from Indiesew, which is way different than the cone mills denim I used for my first pair of Ginger Jeans.  For one, it’s lighter weight which makes it feel much thinner. This’ll be perfect for our mild winters and warm springs.  It doesn’t have as great of recovery as the cone mills denim. I could wear my cone mills denim pair every day for a week (literally) without having to wash them, and this pair here has been worn for a weekend and is bagging out and due for a wash.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just different from what I’m used to.

I’ve found the perfect color topstitching thread for jeans, and it’s not labeled denim or jeans thread. It’s guterman color number 561, found in the topstitching thread section.  I love the golden brown color…it’s not too yellow!

I used hardware from Taylor Tailor this time in copper color. In the past I’ve had a hard time with my rivets popping out after several wares, and so far these have held up a couple washes and many wares!

The last little detail was my serger thread. I love the look of a pop of color when I cuff my jeans, so I used red serger thread while making my jeans!

Quick Recap

Pattern: Ginger Jeans

Fabric: Indigo Stretch Denim from Indiesew

Notions: Copper Rivets and Button from Taylor Tailor, Gutermann Thread

Size: 6, graded to 8 at the hips

Modifications: shortened 2 inches, serged the side seams separately so I could press that seam open below the pockets

Winslow Culottes and Blackwood Cardigan

Are any of you slow to make a purchase?  I wouldn’t say that I’m indecisive, but rather a well informed consumer.  Before I buy anything (vacuum cleaner, airplane tickets, and even smaller things like sewing patterns and fabric) I like to do my due diligence and research whatever it is I buy.  That’s why this sewing community is so, so good for me.  I can read what other sewists think about a sewing pattern or fabric before I buy it.  Well, I was awfully slow to start buying Helen’s Closet patterns, but I am so glad I finally did!  Over the past month I’ve purchased two of her patterns, the Winslow Culottes and Blackwood Cardigan, and I absolutely love both of them!  In fact, I’ve worn the Blackwood Cardigan at least once a week for the past month!  And I’m sure the Winslow Culottes will be the same (I just finished sewing them yesterday though).


Let me first talk about the Winlsow Culottes.  This is the second culottes pattern that I’ve sewn, and they have a few similarities and a few differences.  I debated weather I needed another culottes pattern in my life, and I’m really glad I did!  (Take a look here at the Tania Culottes.)  They both look like a skirt at first glance.  In fact, I had to convince my family yesterday that these culottes were definitely not a skirt.  The Tania Culottes resemble a circle skirt while the Winslow Culottes resemble a pleated skirt.  Both patterns have an invisible zipper closure, an interfaced straight waistband, and several different length options. The Winslow Culottes, unlike the Tania, have pockets.

I sewed these Winslow Culottes in tencel twill from the Indiesew shop.  Back to my well researched buys, I had heard nothing but good things about tencel twill before I first started sewing with it.  Allie did a great post about tencel in one of her fabric files spotlight.  I love when she focuses on a fabric substrate and teaches a few new things!

This isn’t my first time sewing with tencel.  In fact, it’s my fourth.  I’ve made pants, pajamas, a skirt, and now these culottes. I love how this fabric has a bit of a sueded look to it, and it has great drape and is a great weight!


I sewed the Winslow Culottes pattern almost entirely as written.  The only change was when I cut out view A, I added 1.5 inches to the pattern. Helen mentions in the pattern that these culottes call for a very narrow hem.  I wanted my hem a bit bigger, so with my added length, I hemmed the culottes by ironing up .5 inches and then 1 inch more to create a deeper hem.  That’s it!

On to the Blackwood Cardigan.  I sewed this one up about a month ago, and it is a super quick and easy project.  After reading a few reviews, I decided I should shorten the cardigan by two inches.  I took these inches out of the lengthen shorten line on the body.  I decided to leave the arms extra long and I love the coziness of these long sleeves.

The sleeves are so long that they cover my hands completely, which I love.  I can cuff them up if I want them to end at my wrists, but I love being able to tuck my hands away!

I sewed this Blackwood Cardigan out of a striped ribbed knit from the Indiesew shop.  I was working with a limited yardage of fabric, so I did not attempt any stripe matching.  The ribbed knit wanted to grow and move as I sewed, so I used my walking foot anytime I was not using my serger and I pinned a lot!

Here’s a quick recap of the Winslow Culottes:

Pattern: Winslow Culottes

Fabric: Tencel Twill

Size: 6

Modifications: I sewed view A, added 1.5 inches to the length and then hemmed by ironing up .5 inches and then 1 inch.

And the Blackwood Cardigan:

Pattern: Blackwood Cardigan

Fabric: Stripe Ribbed Knit

Size: Small

Modifications: Shortened body of cardigan by 2 inches

Anybody sewing (or researching) new patterns or fabrics before the new year rolls around?

The fabric for the Winslow Culottes was provided to me as part of the Indiesew blogger team.  All opinions, as always, are my own…I love the fabric used in this project!




Alder Shirtdress Hack

Since the last time I made the Alder Shirtdress (a whole year ago), I’ve been itching to make it again, with just a few changes!  That’s the beauty of a great pattern, it can be used as a perfect block to start with, and with a few small changes it can look completely different!

I knew that the bodice of the Alder Shirtdress was pretty fitted, but I was curious if it could work with a gathered skirt (without needing the buttons in the skirt to get the dress on and off).  I tried on my last alder without unbuttoning the waist and it worked!

Ready for my small list of changes?  I used the bodice from view B and lengthened it 1.5 inches and cut off the skirt portion.  I then grabbed the back skirt piece from view B and used that pattern piece for the front and the back.  I did use the shirt tail hem, but it’s not as deep as the pattern piece suggested.  I cut off 1.5 inches from the bottom of the skirt piece.  And that’s it!

For now, the waist does not have any elastic in it.  I knew I could belt the dress and I like the option to wear it loosely without the cinched in waist!  I may go back and change that, but for now, I like the way it is!

The fabric for the dress is from Indiesew.  Every few months, Allie releases a collection of patterns and fabrics that are so good!  It’s a lot of fun to watch what she is pulling together.  And you have to act fast on those fabrics because they sell out quickly and they aren’t restocked!  This is the crepe rayon that was from the fall/winter collection last month.  This crepe rayon has such a great drape to it!  I love how loose and flowy this fabric is!

Here’s a quick recap of this project:

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress

Fabric: Crepe Rayon from Indiesew (sold out)

Size: 4

Modifications: cut off pattern at bodice, lengthened bodice 1.5 inches, used back skirt piece from view B for front and back skirt, shortened skirt by 1.5 inches (removed length from bottom of skirt)

The pattern & fabric for the Cleo Skirt were provided to me as part of the Indiesew blogger team.  All opinions, as always, are my own…I love both the pattern and the fabric used in this project!


Manhattan Cotton Carolyn Pajamas


Hey there!  It’s been almost a year since I’ve shared anything I’ve sewn for my sweet girl and man has she grown up in that year.  She has crossed over into adult patterns which opens a world of options to sew (which I love) but it floors me that she’s so old!  Sweet Pea is now 13 and truly her nickname fits her…she is so very sweet!  Here she’s modeling her newest pajamas, the Carolyn Pajamas in Geo Pop Fabric.


I don’t have much to share about the pattern (as I’ve sewn it before).  It goes together great and produces such a great pair of pajamas!  This time, I sewed these pajamas 2 at a time.  I sewed a pair for Sweet Pea and a pair for myself (I haven’t snapped pics yet of my pair).  I like batch sewing and how I can get two products in just a little more time than it would take me to sew one!  I did finish the seams slightly different on this pair.  I did flat felled seams on all the side seams to add a little durability!


The fabric for these pajamas are by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman.  I’ve sewn a few things from Emmi’es fabric lines before (dog bed, skirt, bag), but this fabric is in a new substrate, stretch cotton poplin.  There’s also a few prints in the line by Carolyn Friedlander!  It was the perfect fabric for these pajamas!  It has just a slight amount of stretch to it!  It ships to stores this month (October 2017)!


Sweet Pea was eager to let me take pictures of her as long as she could hold our new puppy, Teddy!  Here’s Teddy (which always makes me smile…our last name is Behr….so meet Teddy Behr)!


Quick Details:

Pattern: Carolyn Pajamas

Fabric: Manhattan Cotton Stretch Poplin

Size: 0

Modifications: none, other than adding flat felled seams

Collins Top

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Hey there! I am thrilled we are at a new week!  A new week means there is no hurricane headed my way, power is back on at our house (after almost 48 hours of no power), and all of that adds up to having the brainwaves to put towards sharing a top I sewed months ago!  This is the Collins top, but first let me give you a little central Florida update!

Hurricane Irma played it’s toll on us emotionally and physically for a couple of weeks!  We spent the whole week before Irma landed over Florida prepping the house and the yard to help prevent any debris from whirling around the neighborhood.  We also stocked our pantry with non perishable items (in case we lost power) and ate as much food as we could out of the fridge and freezer to help prevent waste.  And then Sunday night, we spent the night sleeping in the hallway while we anticipated Hurricane Irma to sweep far to the west of us.  Irma had a different plan though and decided at the last minute to bring it’s eye right over our house!  We had one kiddo who slept through the noisy wind, but one was up the whole night listening to the howling outside.  She also sat up around 2 am and said “it’s raining on me!”  We had two small leaks that sprung in the roof during Irma.  We were very fortunate that Irma did not cause too much damage to our small town.  Josh was able to fix our leaks right away Monday morning after the storm passed, and that was the extent of our damage!  We had neighbors missing roofs or tree limbs down, and our whole town was without power for almost 48 hours.  The counties to the south of us lost a bit more, and as I type this, they are still without power.

Irma has taught me that we are so very fortunate to have the luxuries we have.  We are blessed to live in a country where electricity is brought to each and every house.  In Central Florida, we all have air conditioners to alleviate the 90*F humid temps that are outside!  We also live in a community that comes together in times of need!  The week after Irma, the neighborhood was filled with people helping people, stranger helping stranger clean up the aftermath of the storm.  As we drove around town, we saw linemen from all over the United States and even Canada come down to help restore our electricity. Local restaurants were constantly reaching out to these linemen (who left their families at home to help us) feeding them!  It’s a beautiful sight to see communities come together.

I am so grateful to move forward after Irma swept over us and I pray that those that were more affected by the storm (like my husband’s coworker who lost his house to Irma) can begin to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding (which I know is so very hard)!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Alright, ready to hear a little bit about the Collins Top?  I sewed this top back at the beginning of the summer as a sample for the Indiesew shop. I loved a version I saw that Emily from In The Folds sewed. She used striped fabric and played with the placement of those stripes to highlight the different pattern pieces.  I did the exact same as Emily, using shirting fabric I grabbed from JoAnn’s.  I also used a tiny cork button at the back.

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

The CollinsTop has several different pattern pieces, and they all come together perfectly!  Emily is great at drafting her patterns, each piece fitting perfectly together.  And her instructions are so easy to follow!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

There are two versions for the Collins Top, sleeveless and one with sleeves. I definitely want to sew up a sleeveless version too!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Here’s a quick recap:

Pattern: Collins Top

Size: C

Fabric: cotton shirting from JoAnn

Modifications: none, and I would sew it up exactly the same way next time


I also wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who reached out to us, making sure we were okay during the storm!  What a sweet community we are surrounded by!

Lander Shorts

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

So, there’s a hurricane headed my way.  A big one!  And the eye is geared to sweep right over our house Sunday night!  What would you be doing three days before the storm hits?  Me?  Obviously sit down and write a blog post instead of prepare for the storm!  Actually, we are very prepared for the storm…now it’s just a waiting game!  And I didn’t want to sit on these pictures and not share them with you.  These shorts are the newest pattern Kelli of True Bias released this week, the Lander Shorts!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these denim Lander Shorts from the tester version of the pattern several weeks ago and I have worn them so often!  The non stretch denim for these shorts started out a dark blue (the fabric is still in stock at Indiesew).  I sewed them together following Kelli’s great instructions and then had so much fun bleaching and tea dying them!  I’m not going to go into my bleaching details, but I followed Alina’s instructions (which are great)!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The Lander pattern comes in three lengths, ankle, short, and boot length!  I cannot wait to make a second pair in the boot length!  It has darts in the back to help give the high waisted shaping, which leads to a perfect fit!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these in a size 6 at the waist and graded out to an 8 at the hip.  Kelli has modified the pattern just a bit since testing, scooping out the crotch seam (which should help eliminate the smile lines you see up front).

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Instead of the 1 inch hem that is called for in the pattern, I left my seam raw and simply folded it up 1 inch.  I love the patch pockets that are on the front and back of these shorts, but the buttonfly has to be my favorite feature!  I grabbed the jean buttons from Jo Ann’s and the installation went smoothly!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The shirt you see in the pics was one I sewed over the summer.  It’s the briar tee (I’ve blogged about the pattern here if you want more details).  This one was sewn in modal fabric from Indiesew.  I have another one you can see on instagram that is sewn in the same fabirc, just a different color.  These two shirts are the softest, comfiest shirts I own.  They get worn at least once a week!

Briar Tee :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, I’m headed back to hurricane prep!  While I’m hunkering down, go check out the Lander pattern.  Kelli’s photos are so beautiful, and her pattern is amazing!

Quick Recap

Shorts Pattern: Lander Pant and Short

Size: 6 at waist graded to 8 at hip

Fabric: 10 oz denim

Modifications: I left the bottom hem raw and folded it up 1 inch; bleached and tea dyed fabric


Shirt Pattern: Briar Tee

Size: xs

Fabric: Modal knit

Modifications: straightened out the bottom hem instead of the hi lo hem


Wonderful Things Fabric and a Kalle Shirtdress

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

If you follow me on instagram, I know you’ve seen these shorts before, but I can’t wait to show you a few more pictures!  I sewed a pair of Chi Town Chinos in Bonnie Christine’s newest fabric line, Wonderful Things fabric!  And they pair perfectly with this Kalle Cropped Shirt!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

Let me share shorts details first!  These are the Chi Town Chinos pattern, from Alina Design Co.  I’ve sewn the shorts version once (never blogged but you can catch a pic on instagram) and the pants version once (you can find those here).  When Bonnie asked me to join her Wonderful Things Fabric tour, I knew that this pattern would pair perfectly with her fabric line!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

Bonnie kindly sent me one yard of canvas from her Wonderful Things fabric line.  This print is called Aquarelle Study wash, and it comes in canvas and quilting cotton weight.  The canvas fabric was perfect for a pair of shorts!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

Since I sewed these shorts up a few weeks ago, I’ve worn them at least twice every week!  I absolutely love them!  The print on this fabric is so pretty, I love these new shorts!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

Ready for shirt details?  This is one of Heather’s newer patterns, the Kalle Shirtdress!  I grabbed a printed copy of the pattern from the imagine gnats shop.  When I was planning out this shirt, I knew I had a couple yards of Robert Kaufman double gauze in chambray (also from the imagine gnats shop).

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

As always, Heather’s patterns are great!  I love that this is a classic button up with a several twists.  I love the hem facing at the bottom of the cropped version!  And the inverted pleat is a deep pleat, giving lots of movement in the top!  The Kalle Shirtdress also has a great cuff detail at the sleeve!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift


Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift

I only made a couple changes to the pattern.  I lengthen the cropped version 2 inches in the front and the back.  I also decided to finish the cuffs by stitching in the ditch, rather than sewing a 1/8 inch seam.  I love that the Kalle Shirtdress pattern has a lot of options.  There’s a popover placket, hidden placket, tunic length and dress length!  I already have one more version so close to done!

Here’s a quick recap of all the details!


Pattern:  Chi Town Chinos

Fabric:  Wonderful Things Fabric – Aquarelle Study Wash in Canvas

Size: 6

Modifications:  Added interfacing at the waist to help stabilize the waist!

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift


Pattern:  Kalle Shirtdress

Fabric:  Chambray Double Gauze

Size:  6

Modifications:  Lengthened front and back 2 inches, topstitched cuffs by stitching in the ditch

Chi Town Chinos and Kalle Shirtdress :: Dandelion Drift



And you should follow along with the Wonderful Things Blog Tour!  It’s been fun to see what amazing things everyone is sewing with Bonnie’s fabric!  Yesterday, Thomas Pie shared the cutest little outfit made out of knit fabric from Bonnie’s new line!  And tomorrow, Bonnie will be sharing something, I know it’ll be great!