Peek at My Week :: Graduation


Hey there end of May!  How did you get here so quickly?  This month has truly just flown by!  And the end of May means we are finishing up our school year.  I know a lot of homeschoolers go year round, but we need a break, meaning I (the teacher) needs a break!  And I’m sure the kids need a break from me teaching them too…ha!

december-2014-525 december-2014-581

The end of May also means that our good family friend is graduating high school tonight!  Woo hoo.  She’s an incredible girl who is definitely going to become an amazing woman.  She’s off to study art at a great college and I know God has wonderful plans for her future!


A few months back I snapped a handful of senior pictures for her.  Her beauty just radiates and her joyous spirit is contagious!  Happy end of May!  Happy Graduation!  Happy Friday!


Southport Dress

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

So my friends and I went on a little girls beach trip a couple weekends back and we started talking about clothes.  One friend defined my style as simple, and I would have to agree with her.  I don’t like to put a ton of effort into getting dressed everyday, but I do want to look like I’ve actually tried.  I want to look pulled together without having to work at it.  Does that make me lazy?  Efficient?  I don’t know, but I love to find clothes that can make me look good (without having to do any hard thinking).

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Dresses are it for me.  They are a “one and done” outfit.  I only have to reach for one hanger, and not have to think about what coordinates with the dress.  And with the hot summer, dresses keep me cooler (temperature wise, I’m pretty sure in my 30s I am far from cool, ha!).

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

So the southport dress.  It’s the newest pattern from Kelli at true bias and this pattern is love!  It fits with my one and done, simple style mentality!  I might just sew a handful more before the summer is up!

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I helped Kelli test the pattern (but this is not my tester versions).  After testing the pattern, I knew I wanted to make this pattern out of rayon challis.  I ordered a few yards from the imagine gnats shop and got to work!

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

For this version, I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern (other than shortening the hem).  But my next sew (I will definitely sew this pattern again) I think I need to do a SBA.  I’ve never done one before, but Kelli drafted the pattern for a C cup, and I’m no where near that, ha!  Either that or size down in the bodice.

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed a size 4, graded out to a size 6 at the hips.  I’ve recently seen more people share their measurements and I think it’s pretty helpful when seeing how a garment fits on different bodies.  So here’s mine: 34 – 27 – 37.  .

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

When I was cutting out the pattern, I was trying to conserve as much of the rayon challis I possibly could so I could make a sutton blouse out of the fabric (which you can read about here).  So I cut the pockets out of a lightweight chambray, which you can see the tiniest peak of in this picture.

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Alright, details….that’s what I’m loving when I sew nowadays.  I love the button placket, drawstring waist, pockets, bartacks (to keep the pockets from pulling on the seams), and the long front slit.  Have I said I love this dress and all it’s details yet?  Kelli has this maxi length and a shorter, above the knee version as part of her pattern.

Southport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

What have you been sewing lately?  Any style confessions (or maybe realizations)?

Peek at My Week :: Walking


When the kids were little, we used to take daily walks.  Mostly, it was probably to help fill the time.  But it became our thing.  And I loved it.  Somehow, business has seeped into our lives and walking with each other has become a thing of the past.


Well this week, we picked back up and went on one walk.  One…it’s better than not at all.  And it was great.  We talked about the day.  We found cool things (like a beehive in the knob of the tree).  We just slowed down and enjoyed each other.


I want daily walks to become part of our routine again!

Work In Progress :: My Craft Hour

I love how we are all a work in progress.  I am slowly learning what works for me, and what does not.  One thing I have always known is I am not a night owl.  I never have been.  I remember at sleep overs as a kid I would always be the first to fall asleep.  Even now as an adult, I just cannot stay up late.  I don’t function that way!

Oddly, I have been saving my crafting hour for after the kids go to bed at night.  I’d pull out my sewing machine and start to work on a project after 9 pm.  No surprise, but I’d make silly mistakes, pull out my seam ripper, and then have to set it all down and put it away because I was just not functioning!

Well this week Josh and I have decided to try going to bed right after the kids go down.  No projects are being pulled out, nothing is getting worked on in the wee hours of the night.  And do you know what?  It is perfect.  This earlier bedtime is leaving me feeling rested and waking up in the early hours of the morning to work on things.  My mind is clear in the morning.  I feel awake and focused.  And that little seam ripper hasn’t made an appearance once!

Sunset :: Dandelion Drift

So I’m curious, when is your craft hour?

Work in Progress :: Too Much Fabric

Hi, my name is Teresa and I’m a creator.  I love to make things.  I love to draw.  I love to craft.  I love to sew.  And because of all the things I like to create, I hesitate when I clean up whether I should throw something away or keep it.  I see potential in just about everything to become something beautiful.  So I keep things just in case I might someday transform it into it’s beauty that is lying within.

Well, I can’t live among all of this stuff!  It’s stuff, and yes, it might have potential beauty within, but right now it is a pile of stuff and I can’t live with it anymore!  So I’m purging.  I’m getting rid of a lot of my stuff!  I want my home to be peaceful and relaxing and hanging onto a million things that have potential is standing in the way of my home and it’s peaceful potential.

Fabric :: Dandelion Drift

So yesterday I started with my fabric.  That first sentence up there that said my name is Teresa and I’m a creator.  Well it should have said my name is Teresa and I am a hoarder.  Ahhh!  When did I become a hoarder?  I am not a hoarder in most areas of my life.  I have a small closet with a small wardrobe. I have a small kitchen with just the dishes we use and need.  I don’t hang onto my kids clothes for sentiments sake.  I have a happily functioning memory (and pictures) to help me remember all of those happy memories.  But my craft things, well they have taken over.  I grabbed all of the fabric I own yesterday and threw them into these three Rubbermaid bins.  They overflowingly filled three bins!  Yikes.  Well yesterday I dug and tossed and got that number down to one.  All of the fabric I own fits into one Rubbermaid bin and it makes me so happy!  (I forgot to take an after picture, but trust me, it’s just one bin.)

Fabric :: Dandelion Drift

So now that I have my fabric down to one bin, I want to know how do you store your fabric?  Do you have a shelf for it?  Are you able to keep your fabric stash (that word is not my favorite anymore) to less than a bin?

Okay, I’m leaving you saying my name is Teresa and I will no longer be a hoarder of craft supplies!  Hold me to it, okay!

I Sewed :: Sutton Blouse

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

Hey there!  Happy May!  May in Florida is typically blazing hot, but we have had some unusually cool weather (highs in the 80s instead of the sweltering upper 90s).  No one is complaining over here!  It really has been beautiful!  This cool weather allowed me to put on my jeans (jeans in May is usually unheard of in Florida) and snap a few photos of my newest make!

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

I’m sure you all have heard of Kelli from True Bias, and have seen a handful of her patterns.  I had sewn all of them (blogged here and here), except for her Sutton Blouse.  (I’ve even sewed her newest pattern, the southport dress, but I just need to finish the hem on that one.  Why do I procrastinate finishing those last details?)  Well anyway, it was time for me to choose a pattern to sew for the Indie Sew blogger team and I couldn’t resist trying out Kelli’s Sutton Blouse!  Her patterns are layed out very professionally and come together so nicely!

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

I had just a very little bit of rayon challis leftover (from sewing the southport dress)  and saw that was a recommended fabric for the Sutton Blouse.  I didn’t have enough fabric for the pattern, so I made a few modifications.  I shortened the front and back hem by 2 inches (really, this was because of my lack of fabric, but I like the length the shirt finished at).  I used some leftover chambray (from these two projects here and here) for the yoke.  And I finished the bottom hem with the tinniest of hems to preserve as much length as a I possibly could.

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

I really like how this Sutton Blouse turned out.  The fabric is amazing.  It is so lightweight and breathable.  It’s from the imagine gnats shop (Rachael just started carrying a ton of new apparel fabric).  It’ll be perfect for our hot Florida summers.  And the loose drapey style of this shirt is just perfect!

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

What have you all been sewing lately?  Any summer sewing plans?

Sutton Blouse :: Dandelion Drift

The Sutton Blouse pattern was provided to me by Indie Sew as a part of their blogger team.  As always, all opinions are my honest and true opinions!  

Peek at My Week :: Building a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

A few weeks ago we purchased chickens.  It’s something we had talked about for years, but our little town didn’t allow backyard chickens.  The laws recently changed and we were ready to jump on the chicken bandwagon.  Well, these little chickens (who were residing in a cage in our bedroom) were quickly getting big enough to move outside, but their coop was not done!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Josh took a day off of work last week to help build the coop, but even after a full days work, this darn building still was not done!  Ahh…we were not the happiest.  This little coop (okay, it’s not so little) took us daaayyys to build and many, many hours, but I am happy to report late Sunday night we finished the coop!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Well, it’s not actually finished.  We have nesting boxes to build, pvc feeding areas to construct, and a roosting box hinged door to install.  But this coop is done enough that our chickens can move out of our bedroom….woot!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

We had a wooden fence that was in need of replacing, so we tore that down and used all the wood we possibly could to build our coop!  So this coop is probably 80% reused wood and hardware.  Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

We did a little happy chicken dance, moved our feathered friends outside, and eagerly slept in a clean smelling bedroom for the rest of the week!  Oh happy week!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Oh…by the way.  Today is the first of May, which means it’s me made May.  For the month of may I pledge to wear at least one me made item every day.  I’ll be documenting what I wear for me made May on instagram if you want to follow along!

Peek at My Week :: Shearing Sheep

I grew up in cities, not always very big cities, but bigger cities.  Outside of Boston, Honolulu, Orlando, those type of cities!  Well, about 10 years ago Josh and I moved to a small town in Florida.  We were following Josh to his job and didn’t really think much about what type of life small town living had in store for us.  This little small town has been perfect for us in so many ways.  It is slow paced, quiet, and friendly…just the type of lifestyle perfect for raising our little family!

This week we were able to taste a little more small town life when our friends who own sheep offered to show us how to shear sheep!  I assumed we’d just watch how sheep get a hair cut.  Nope.  These friends let all the kids who came to watch try their hand at shearing the sheep and we are going to dye some of the wool to make bracelets (after the wool is cleaned)!  And you know what, Bella (the sheep we sheared) looks pretty darn cute with her new do!

Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift

Work in Progress :: Sewing with Rayon Challis

Allie over at Indiesew recently wrote an article on rayon challis, leaving me itching to buy some and sew with it.  When it comes to my own clothes, I usually prefer to sew with solid colors.  I know on this little computer screen prints are more fun, but really solid colors are more my thing, more what I reach for.  So I started my little hunt for solid colored rayon challis.  Rachael, over at imagine gnats, recently started stocking rayon challis, and in solid colors, so I snatched up three yards right away and was amazed when the fabric came in the mail.

Have you ever sewed with rayon challis?  Have you ever felt it?  It is so flowey and smooth.  The best description I could give you of rayon challis is that it’s like a liquid, but I know it’s a solid.  The three yards I purchased of this fabric was destined to become a southport dress, in the long maxi length (Kelli from True Bias just released this pattern).  I cut out the pattern a couple days ago, and finished sewing the bodice together this morning.

Sourthport Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Allie’s tips on sewing with rayon challis are perfect.  I sewed with a brand new needle, to make sure I didn’t cause any runs in the fabric.  There were times when I was sewing that I was worried that the rayon stretched out and lost it’s shape, but I quickly steamed the fabric with my iron, and the fabric snapped right back to where it should be!  I can’t wait to finish up this dress and share the results!  And I now want to have a whole closet full of clothes sewn out of rayon challis!  Dreamy stuff!

Peek at my Week :: Goodbye First Pet

My mother in law is a woman who has a ton of neat traditions.  She buys the kids new Easter outfits every year (taking requests on colors and styles), she keeps the grand kids for a week each summer (camp grandma) and she buys each grandchild their first pet when they turn seven.


Sweet Pea’s first pet was a guinea pig, Patches (back when Sweet Pea was seven she spelled it Patchis!).  Sweet Pea was determined when picking out her guinea pig.  She knew exactly which one she wanted, and exactly what she would name this new pet!  She lovingly learned how to care for this new animal and was such a good caretaker.  This week, Patches passed peacefully in her sleep.  It was such a hard and emotional morning when we found her.  We had Patches for nearly four years and were smitten with her!  Sweet Pea even had a guinea pig themed birthday party when she turned nine!


Here’s the best picture I could find of Patches…back when Bubba had long blonde hair!