Work in Progress :: Zippers (and the act of patience)

Raise your hand if you can be impatient!  My hand is up in the air.  Patience is a funny thing.  It’s there sometimes, and others, it’s as if I don’t even know what that word is!  I am (generally) a pretty patient person.  When it comes to my kids, my family, my day to day life, I have loads of patience.  I’m not the type to lose my cool.

Zippers :: Dandelion Drift

But if you are talking about patience with things that I want, it vanishes…whoosh, gone out the door!  I’m in the middle of sewing a caravan tote (great pattern by Anna of noodle-head).  It calls for two zippers so I first looked in my pile of vintage zippers I’ve had stored up from previous thrift store finds.  None fit the bill.  Next stop, the local big chain craft store.  I stared at that wall of zippers for several minutes.  I found the right size zippers, but none were actually what I wanted.  But I wanted to finish sewing this bag now, so I bought two zippers that I didn’t love and was ready to sew this bag up!


When I got home though I was ready to kick myself.  Why did I settle?  Is this a bag I need now? no Did I have a deadline to finish sewing the bag?  nope  Those zippers that weren’t perfect for the bag are headed back to the store.  I can patiently wait to find the right zipper for the job.  I am not in such a hurry to churn out a new bag that I need to settle!

How are you with patience?  Does it show up in some areas of your life but hide in others?


Work in Progress :: Making Bias Tape

Part of my trying to slow down this year means I am also trying to do things the way that I like them.  I’m in the middle of sewing a pattern that calls for bias tape.  Old me would have gone to the store and purchased bias tape.  It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s done!  (But really I prefer handmade bias tape.)

Bias Tape Maker :: Dandelion Drift

New me, the one who is not in a rush, is making her own bias tape.  Want to know why I prefer the handmade stuff?

  • it matches my dress perfectly (ha…that’s because it’s made out of the same fabric)!
  • it feels so much nicer than the stiff packaged bias tape
  • because my in laws gave me every size bias tape maker possible and it’s fun to play with new toys!

Bias Tape Maker :: Dandelion Drift

If you’re looking into making your own bias tape, there’s a great video tutorial over at Dana Made It and if you don’t have a fancy bias tape maker, there’s a printable one here (never tried it but it looks like it would work)!

Are you intentionally sewing down on any projects?


I Sewed :: Molly Cardigan

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift
Hey there!  I feel like I haven’t popped by here in a while!  Ready for my excuse?  Our computer died…ack!  One morning I went to turn the computer on, and it wouldn’t boot.  I called my husband nearly in tears because all of our pictures were on that computer.  And I hadn’t backed them up, oh, in at least five years. Learn some lessons from me, back up your files.  I was such a wreck knowing that I might have lost all of our pohots.

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Well sweet Josh helped reassure me that the pics were there and could be retrieved, so we began our computer shopping.  It had been at least 8 years since we’ve done this, and a lot has changed in the computer world.  We had a lot to learn.  We landed on a new fancy schmancy computer, hit the buy button and then drove to the big city of Orlando to buy it!  While in Orlando my sweet dad easily found on the old pictures on the hard drive and saved them for us, phew.

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion DriftMolly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

So, I’m back in action, with a fun new computer, and a well loved cardigan.  I made this cardigan at least four months ago.  And I wear it all the time!  It is super comfy, and I love that it’s a little more interesting than just a plain cardigan.

The pattern comes together quickly, instructions are easy to follow, and it’s a quick satisfying sew!  I made this so long ago I don’t know which size I sewed.  Oh, I guess one other thing to note is I hemmed my sleeves so they are long.  I like to be able to tuck my hands up in my cardigan to keep them toasty!

Alright, here’s a breakdown of all the pattern details.

Pattern :: Molly Pattern, by Liola Designs

Fabric :: Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey in navy

Outfit Breakdown :: Thrifted Jeans, Handmade Tee, Molly Cardigan, Old University of Florida Hat, Converse Shoes

Peek at My Week :: The Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift

Yesterday we went to the Florida State Fair.  We saw that calf up there almost be born.  The kids decided that was not something they were interested in seeing, so we walked away and came back an hour later to see the newborn being doted on by the mama.  Growing up, I went to the fairs that came to the military bases (I grew up a military brat).  There were rides and food, but I don’t remember animals.  This was our first year going to the fair and there was so much to take in.  We didn’t get a chance to ride any rides, but we loved the “cracker country” (showing the way Florida used to be) and all of the animals!  Oh an fair food.  This was Sweet Pea and Bubba’s first go at fair food.  This morning Bubba said “next year, we need to try more of that food!”Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift

Apparently Sweet Pea knows how this generation watches a concert!  Ha!

Fruit Gushers Valentines Printable

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

The other week we ran in to WalMart and found a bunch of fruit gushers marked down to 10 cents a box.  The kids looked at me, I looked at them, and we both said, Valentines!  Nothing like last minute, but I sat down last night and made some cute little printables, after getting some advise from the kids on what they should say.  It was fun coming up with little puns for valentines day, and I loved seeing Sweet Pea and Bubba’s creativity flowing!

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

Just in case you are last minute like me, I thought I’d share them here with you!

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

I have them in two different sizes, you know, just because lots of options are lots of fun!

Click here to download the small printables.

Click here to download the large printables.

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

And then just print them out, cut them up, and attach them to your fruit gushers!

Fruit Gushers Valentintes :: Dandelion Drift

I hope your valentines day is gushing with love!


Work In Progress :: How I Store Things

I’ve been on a bit of a “finish it up” roll this past month!  I finished the washi dress and then finished the cabin shirt!  Nothing like finishing a few projects to motivate you to dig out projects that have been sitting in your sewing room, fabric cut out, oh for six months.  Yikes that’s a lot of procrastinating!  I had this brilliant crazy idea last year that I would cut out a handful of projects at once, just because that is my least favorite part of sewing.  I thought I would tackle the boring part first, and then I would get to do the fun part, sewing!  Well, I tackled the cutting, and then my attention was pulled somewhere else.

Marritime Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

This week that is changing.  I’m pulling out a few projects that have been bagged for far too long, like these maritime shorts.  I’m always curious what everyone’s system is for storing PDF patterns.  When I sew a pattern, and decide it’s a keeper, I pull out a gallon sized ziploc bag and store my pattern in there.  The best part of this system is I can cut out the fabric I want to use, and store it in the same bag until I’m ready to sew.  I file all of these ziploc bags in a basket that sits atop my sewing cabinet.  That’s my system…how do you store your files?

Marritime Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  These shorts have been sitting in this bag so long that there are giant creases all over the place.  I hope it all irons out!

I Sewed :: The Cabin Pattern

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

Remember that cute dress I gave you a peek of last week?  Well I chopped off the bottom of it, and hemmed it as a shirt and I LOVE it!

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

Indiesew kindly gave me the cabin pattern, and my first thought was to sew it into a cute shift dress.  I sewed it up, added an inch in length, and then decided it was too short for me.  I let it hang around for a while trying to decide what I wanted to do with it, and eventually landed on sewing it into a shirt!

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

This shirt fits great, and I’ve already received so many compliments on it!  The pattern comes with a shirt length option and a shift dress option!  I’m itching to make it again in the dress length (just a little bit longer next time)!

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

The fabric is Robert Kaufman double cloth that I grabbed from the Imagine Gnats shop.  This stuff is dreamy!  I love the weight of the fabric and definitely love the print!

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

So the cabin pattern…I definitely would recommend snatching it up!  It walks you through flat felled seams, faux flat felled seams, bias tape, bust darts, weltless pockets.  I’m at the point in sewing where I buy a pattern because I like the style, but I also treat the pattern like a little sewing class.  I want to learn something new when I’m sewing!  I learned plenty with this pattern and love all of the little details.  I decided to finish my seams with faux flat felled seams because of the thickness of the fabric.  I also finished my hem and neckline a little bit different than the pattern.  I love the method that Rachael (from Imagine Gnats) uses on her Bess top pattern.  (She also has a tutorial for this finish on the Sew Mama Sew site here.)

Cabin Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

Phew…that was a lot of info.  Here’s a breakdown!

Pattern :: Cabin, size C

Fabric :: Robert Kaufman Double Cloth

Outfit Breakdown :: Kut from the Kloth Jeans, Cabin Shirt, Converse Shoes

Peek at my Week :: A New Plan

Read the Bible :: Dandelion Drift

I get stuck in this funny rut of thinking if I can’t do something perfectly, then I just shouldn’t do it.  I do this with important things too, like reading the Bible.  I have this grand plan that I will do my daily devotions in the morning before the house is stirring.  And that happens oh maybe once or twice a week.  So guess how many times a week I usually read the Bible, yep, once or twice a week.  This week I had an aha moment and realized I could do things differently than I plan.  Amazing, I know.  So now, I’m doing my daily Bible reading whenever I can.  And more than once this week, it has been at the table while the kids are doing their math homework.  It works!

Work in Progress :: Too Short

Cabin Sewing Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

I finished sewing my cabin dress over a week ago, and I hung it in the closet to think about it.  I LOVE everything about it, except one little detail, it’s too short.  It is a tunic (or shirt) pattern, and I’m not really a tunic girl.  I knew that going into it, so I added an inch in length, just guessing that would be long enough for me to wear it comfortably as a dress, a cute plaid shift dress.  I was wrong.  I should have done a little more than just guess.

So then I just let it hang in my closet trying to decide what to do with it.  Can I become a tunic girl?  It would look cute over jeans or leggings, and I’m sure many people could pull it off, but it’s just not my style.  I wouldn’t reach for it as a tunic.  I polled some opinions from the family if I could add length to it, but in the end I decided I’m chopping off the bottom and letting it become a shirt.  At first I was bummed over the cute fabric I wasted, but I need to also remember it would be a whole lot more wasted fabric if I left it as is (I wouldn’t wear it).  So I’m happily chopping off a little and rehemming it as a shirt!

Peek at My Week :: Conversations with a 10 Year Old

Circle Skirt :: Dandelion DriftThis week has been a funny week, with colds and fevers and bronchitis.  Lots of down time, lots of resting for all of us!  Somehow we got onto the topic of marriage this week, and Sweet Pea and Bubba declared they didn’t know who they were going to marry when they grew up.  Sweet Pea said “I don’t even know if I will marry, or if I will not.  Only God knows what is planned for me.”  Pretty wise, my 10 year old, pretty wise!