Peek at My Week

Josh and I are extremely blessed to have great parents, who have turned out to be even better grandparents.  Easter time, they both shine!  Every year my mom gets the kids a caterpillar for Easter.  They get to watch the transformation that the caterpillar goes through and then watch it emerge as a beautiful butterfly!  Amazing process, with amazing symbolism.  Here’s Bubba’s butterfly this year.


And every year since the kids were babies, Josh’s mom gets the kids a new Easter outfit.  It’s a tradition that she has carried on; her grandma used to do the same for her.  I have this mental list of things that I want to do when I am a grandma, and these two are definitely on that list!

Have a beautiful Easter!

Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up and Confession

I’m sure you have all heard of Kids Clothes Week.  It’s this awesome idea Meg had that we take a whole week (7 days) and sew for our kids for one hour, each day.  I’ve participated once before, and this time decided to take a different approach.  I’m sure I have mentioned this here before, but I am a competitive person.  I like to do my best, but even more, I want to be the best.  It’s an ugly beast I fight with often, but KCW brings this ugly beast out in me.  I have a hard time seeing everyone else eeking out beautiful outfits each day for their kids, while I am just sewing three measly items.  I am thrilled for those of you that have the time to sew a new outfit for your kids each day, but it makes me want to be just as good as you are.  It makes me want to be able to sew just as much as you do.

Well, this KCW I tucked that ugly competitive beast away, hid it in a drawer, and happily sewed three things for Sweet Pea.  Any other week I would be rejoicing that I sewed three things for my girl, so why not this week?  Want to see what I made?

wee wander skirt

wee wander skirts


My first sew was a simple gathered skirt out of this beautiful Wee Wander fabric I ordered just for Sweet Pea.  I ordered just a yard of this fabric, asked Sweet Pea what she wanted made out of it and got to work.  She requested a skirt with shorts underneath.  The shorts are just a self drafted leggings pattern that I tucked in the skirt, and attached all together when adding the waistband.  Last week I remembered that I had a bunch of Dandelion Drift labels left over (from years ago) when I owned an etsy shop.

vintage fabric skirt

waist details

My second make was another simple skirt, this time a line, and again with shorts underneath.  For each of these skirts I made sure I paid attention to all the details, like two rows of stitching along the hemline, or stitching through the top of the waistband to make sure the elastic doesn’t flip and twist.  The fabric from this skirt was a thrifted knit.  I love this fabric…the colors in it are just perfect and I love the scenery!

two rows of hem


Lastly I made a pair of scallop shorts (pattern soon to come from Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)).  I LOVE these shorts.  Amy took her time on this pattern to make sure the scallops were just right, not too shallow, but not to deep.  If she ever made adult patterns, I would want this one in my size!  I used a chambray in this one, and again, slowed down to pay attention to details.  I topstitched a lot of seams in bright pink.  I thought all the topstitching would help with durability, but also help these shorts appeal to my pink loving girl.

scallop shorts pattern

scallop shorts details

I have to confess that come Monday night, I was bummed to only have finished three things.  (I do have one more skirt cut out, but ran out of time to sew it).  For a minute I thought about staying up way late last night to sew a few more pairs of shorts, I don’t know if that was to try and impress you all, or to try and be the best, but I came to my senses and found joy in the three things I did sew!

scallop short pattern

scallop shorts

Did you all participate in KCW this go around?  Does the competitive beast bother any of you?  I’d love to know that I’m not alone!

Peek at My Week

It’s been a couple weeks since I have posted one of these.  I really skipped last week because I had nothing interesting to post for you.  I caught a bad cold and stayed hunkered down in my house for the week, so we didn’t do much of anything.  My kids, though, were awesome helpers that week!  They jumped in and helped bring me back to full health!!!

easter eggs

This week, we have had a blast.  I haven’t decorated the house for Easter yet, so one day we grabbed some eggs and blew them empty.  This is the first year the kids have helped me with that, and they are pros!  We will decorate them later today!


We also joined up with some friends and headed to Disney later in the week.  It’s been a great week!  I hope we have many more like this one!


Have a great weekend with your families!

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

This post originally appeared on Living With Punks. I am bringing it home today to share with all of you!

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

Hi there Living with Punks readers.  I am Teresa and blog over at Dandelion Drift!  I am so excited to be here to bring you a little tutorial.  When Susan asked me to come help contribute to her home sewn series, I was a little bit stumped.  I need a ton of things sewn for my house, which can be a bit overwhelming.  The number one need on my list though, is a little help with organization.  I looked around my favorite home decor blogs and found these great West Elm felt baskets.  And then I found out they don’t sell them anymore.  What is a DIYer to do?  Make it, of course.  Here’s your tutorial for these beautiful woven felt baskets.

Grab your supplies…just one yard of felt (and your sewing machine, of course)!  Ready for the steps?

  1.  Cut out two rectangles from your felt.  Cut one 10” x 31” and cut one 14” x 27”
  2. Fold over the top inch of each rectangle on the shorter sides and stitch in place.
  3. Place one rectangle over the other, and stitch around the rectangle in the middle, where the two pieces of felt intersect.woven felt basket steps 1, 2, 3
  4. Measure up six inches from your stitched inner rectangle and mark with a washable fabric pencil.
  5. Cut a line every two inches, perpendicular from your inner rectangle, up to the marked line.  Do this on all four sides.Woven Felt Basket Steps 4 and 5
  6. Now fold up each rectangle, until the corners meet.  Stitch down the corners at the top two inches.  Do this to all four corners of your basket.
  7. Now cut three long rectangles 2” x 49”.  These will be your weaving strips.
  8. Weave your first layer, down at the bottom of the basket, going over and under.  When you get to the end, grab the ends of your long weaving strip at the inside of the basket and stitch the ends together.  Do this with the next two layers, alternating each layer over under then under over.woven felt basket steps 6, 7, and 8Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

That’s it…you have made it to the end and you have a beautiful woven felt basket!  Enjoy!  Woven Felt Basket Tutorial Woven Felt Basket Tutorial Woven Felt Basket Tutorial

Thank you so much for having me here, Susan!

Spring Showers Jacket

Spring Showers Jacket

Heidi from Elegance and Elephants is releasing her newest pattern today.  It is the Spring Showers Jacket and I LOVE this pattern!  It is safe to say that this is my favorite thing I have made for Sweet Pea recently.  When Heidi asked for testers, I jumped as fast as I could (among a million other things happening) to say that I would test.

Spring Showers Jacket

I am so glad that I was able to sew this pattern.  It is great!  The details are definitely what make this pattern.  The hood, with a brimmed front, the dropped hem in back, the pockets with their little flaps up top, the corded waist, to cinch it up, the little hanging hook inside (which I forgot to get a pic of), and that long metal zipper!  LOVE!

Spring Showers Jacket

The fabric for this was originally purchased to make Josh a pair of Jedediah pants.  I was so bummed when it came in, knowing that if I went ahead with my Jedediah plans, Josh would look like a 30 something boy scout (nothing against scouts, Josh is one of them).  But not what I was looking for.

Spring Showers Jacket

I am so glad that this fabric hung in my stash, though, because it was perfect for this jacket.  The whole time I was sewing, I was very nervous that Sweet Pea wouldn’t like it.  The one thing she asked was for me to use pink or purple fabric.  The green fabric was calling me though, and I’m happy I listened to it’s call.  I snuck pink in for Sweet Pea in all of my topstitching, and the lining of course.  And Sweet Pea loves it!

Spring Showers Jacket

Take a look at these pics…I love all of the faces that she is making trying to figure out how all of the pockets and drawstring work on her new jacket!  For the drawstring, I wasn’t crazy about all of the plastic stops that my local store had.  I did, though, love these wooden buttons.  I used them instead, knowing that they could be tied to hold the cinched in waist.  I also decided I really wanted metal snaps instead of buttons.  First time using snaps, and they are my new favorite thing!

Spring Showers Jacket

I did make the jacket a little big.  There’s definitely room to grow, with 1 inch of hemming tucked in those sleeves.  I’m all about making things last a long time!Spring Showers Jacket

Want a copy of the pattern?  Head on over to Elegance and Elephants and pick on up!

This post contains affiliate links.  And this pattern was provided for me, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Tie Flash Sale

DIY Fedora and Tie

I hope you all are having a great weekend!  I just wanted to pop in real quick to let you know my friend Shannon is having a great sale on her tie pattern through today!

DIY Tie and Fedora

I’ve made a handful of ties before, and most of them have required a lot of hand sewing and I’ve had a hard time getting them to come out symmetrically.  This tie uses a completely different method than what I have seen and I love it.  The tie was perfectly symmetrical and no hand sewing!  Woo hoo! I don’t know if I have shared this on the blog (I have shared on instagram though), but Bubba is in love with dressing up each Sunday.  It melts my heart to see him dressed in suits every Sunday.  In fact, we are out of town this weekend, and he made sure to pack his little suit (three piece suit, vest and all)!

Tie and Fedora

Shannon’s tie sale is through today, and is only 99 cents.  She has just released a bundle of big boy and adult tie for $1.99.  You can purchase them in her Etsy shop or on Craftsy.

The fedora hat is an E&E pattern, blogged about here.


Peek at My Week


Happy Spring!  This was our spring break week, and the weather started out beautifully!  And then, it didn’t.  I don’t know that I have ever remembered a spring break when the temps dropped down to the 40s, but that’s what we had this week.  We started out strawberry picking, a few times because it was so nice.  And then we planned to head to the beach. Well, rainy, cold weather stomped out those beach plans, so that will have to happen another week!  It has been a great spring break though.  It is so refreshing to take a break and regroup.  I’m excited to get back to our normal school routine next week though!

Have a great weekend!


Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

The ladies at Kollabora and Plaid Crafts sent me these new peel and stick stencils to play around with.  I fell in love with this one particular stencil because it reminded me of Hawaiian quilts that I grew up around!  I really needed a new tote and loved the idea of stenciling extra details onto the front so I dug into my fabric stash and came out with this gray linen and scraps of sueded leather.

Want to know how to make this cute linen and leather tote?  Well, let’s grab our supplies.  You’ll need:

linen, leather, interfacing, lining material, (and if you’d like to stencil your linen, stencils and paint)

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

Stenciling with these Handmade Charlotte stencils is super easy.  They are peel and stick.  So just peel them, place them where you would like, and paint.  If you would like a repeat design, like I did, just peel them up and place the stencil right next to your painting.  I used Plaid paint as well, and just used an iron to set my work once the paint was dry.


Now are you ready to make your tote?

Cut List:

Linen:  (2) 14”x10.5”

Leather:  (2) 14”x6.5”

(2) 20”x2”

Lining:     (2) 20”x2”

(2) 14”x16”

Interfacing:  (2) 14”x16”

(2) 20”x1.5”

Before we start, there are a few things you should know.  All seams, unless otherwise noted, use 1/2″ seam allowance.  It is important when sewing with leather to get the right needle.  Your local fabric store will sell leather needles, grab one.  Otherwise your needle will break.  Ask me how I know!


  1. With right sides together, along the 14” side, sew the linen piece to the leather piece (the 14”x6.5”piece).  Repeat this step for the remaining two leather and linen pieces.  Press your seam.
  2. Iron on your interfacing to the back of this piece.  DO NOT IRON THE LEATHER.  I did not iron the interfacing on to the back of my leather, it would not be pretty.  I stopped ironing the interfacing when I got to the bottom of my linen piece.  I used a fairly stiff interfacing, but it is up to you what kind of interfacing to use.  Add topstitching along the leather, linen seam at this point.
  3. With right sides together, match the two linen and leather pieces and sew around three of the four sides, leaving the top (linen 14” side) open.
  4. At the bottom, box the corners by matching the side seams of your bag.  Sew a perpendicular line, one inch in from the edge.
  5. With your lining pieces (the 14”x16” pieces), starting near the middle of the bottom, sew to the corner and up to the top of one 16” side.  Repeat on the other side, leaving a 3” open space at the bottom.
  6. Now it’s time to create the handles.  Iron on the interfacing aligning one long edge to a long edge of the lining.  Do this to the other handle lining piece.  With right sides together.  Sew your leather strip to the lining strip, along the long side of the handle only using 1/4″ seam.  You want this seam to be along the interfaced side.  (There should be a ½” gap on the lining that does not have any interfacing.)
  7. Now press this seam, not ironing your leather, but ironing your interfacing.  Turn your interfacing under ½” and your leather ½”.  Using binder clips, clip this seam so that wrong sides are together, right sides are facing out.  Sew along the opened edge, and your handles are done!!!  That was the hardest  step, so pat yourself on the back!
  8. With your leather facing the linen, baste your handle in place, 2 ½” in from the side seam of your bag.  Do this to all four sides, making sure your handles do not twist.
  9. We are about to finish up the bag.  Now take your bag, with the handles basted in place, and stuff it inside the lining.  The lining should still be inside out, so when you put your bag in your lining, right sides should be matching.  Make sure your handles are perpendicular to this top edge, and the side seams of the outer bag are matching the side seams of the lining.  Pin in place.  Sew around this top edge with a 1” seam allowance.  Find the hole at the bottom of your lining now, and pull your bag through.
  10. When it is all pulled through, you should have your bag right side out with your lining sticking straight out.  Find that hole (that the bag just came through) and sew it together, either by hand with a blind stitch, or on your machine.  Stuff the lining inside your bag.  Iron the top seam down and topstitch the top edge of your bag.  YOU MADE IT!linen and leather tote instructionslinen and leather tote side view

Linen and Leather Tote Tutorial

 Stencils and paint were provided, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Open Wide Pouch


It’s not often that I see a fabric that I have to have, but the new Wee Wander line of fabric is just too cute!  I immediately purchased a yard of the Summer Ride fabric to make Sweet Pea a little skirt.  Before I got to her skirt though, the kids were invited to a birthday party.  I asked Sweet Pea if she minded me using a little of her fabric to make an open wide pouch to go along with the gift full of art supplies.


I hadn’t used this tutorial before, but I knew it would be a good one.  The pouch came together so quickly and easily, I know I’m going to have to make many more!  OPEN WIDE POUCH


I was inspired by this pouch I saw, that had leather on the bottom.  I went to the leather suede jacket I had used for the plantain elbow patches and leather pockets and cut into the sleeves to squeeze out enough fabric for the bottom of the pouch.  The rest of the fabric are leftovers from various projects.  OPEN WIDE POUCH


I love, love, love how this turned out.  I think it’s a combo of the beautiful fabrics, great tutorial, and touches of leather that have me wanting to make another pouch right away!

What have you been up to this weekend?  Any new sewing projects?

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Peek at My Week

Hey guys!  It has been a busy week, and looks to be an even busier week coming up!

Bubba is Seven

This little man of mine, Bubba, turned 7 this week!  I surprised him on his birthday and took him (with some great friends) to Disney.  I’m usually not very good with surprises, because I just get too excited and want to fill everyone in on the details.  But this one, I kept a secret for a few weeks.  Bubba has been wanting to battle Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios for years now, so battle we did!  It was AWESOME.  I would recommend the Jedi Training Academy to anyone!  darth vader