Sew Together Bag

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

It’s beginning to look a lot like…gift giving season!  Everywhere you go!  And I’m thrilled that I am getting to do a little sewing this year for my gift giving.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I have a hard time telling people no.  For just about anything.  Acts of service are my way of saying I love you.  Well, that means anyone who has asked me to sew for them, friends, acquaintances, perfect strangers, if they have asked me, 99% of the time I have said yes.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

Notice that past tense there….well, a few months ago Josh and I sat down and came to the conclusion that I need to get better at saying no.  A whole lot better at it.  And that means that now, 99% of the time if I am asked to sew, I say no.  Very kindly I say “I wish I had more time to sew for others, but right now my plate is awfully full!”  And you know what, I have so much more time to sew things I have been wanting to sew.  I now have time to sew gifts for others.  No can be a pretty freeing little word, and I’ve learned it has now allowed me to say a whole lot more yeses.  Yes I can sew that gift I have been wanting to give you.  Yes, Sweet Pea, I can sew a dress for your American Girl doll.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I know this is amazing (to me it feels amazing)!  Actually, from what my friends have said, I’m not alone in this aversion to saying no to others.  Well, with practice, no has become a whole lot easier to say!

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

So want to hear about what I got to sew for a present.  My mom’s birthday was last week, so I had time to sew her a Sew Together Bag.  Have you seen these things?  They are pretty neat…it’s a tiny little bag that packs a whole lot of organizational possibilities.  And this is actually the second one I’ve made.  The first one was gifted to the sweetest little three year old, you can see a little video of it here on my instagram feed.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

This Sew Together Bag was made in the tiniest little remnant I had of some Amy Butler Fabric.  I used Cotton and Steel fabric to make the binding, and snuck a little more Cotton and Steel inside the pockets.  The lining is a brown twill I had in my stash.  And I love that blue vintage metal zipper to tie it all together!

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I have one more of these bags on my to sew list for Christmas this year.  I think it would make the perfect little travel bag that you could tuck your odds and ends into while you are jetting around the world.  My mom proclaimed it would travel with her laptop to hold her computer supplies.  This Amy Butler fabric matches an ipad sleeve I had made her a few years back.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

Have you been doing any sewing for gift giving this year?


Constant Change

Pineapple Quilt Progress :: Dandelion Drift

Change is a funny thing.  It is inevitable, but it seems that we always fight it!  We humans can be a little bit weird huh?  I think motherhood highlights our strangeness.

I can remember when my kids were little, I would beg for the day that they could play on their own, without needing me all the time.  Now that I am there, I’m not jumping up and rejoicing with a fist pump in the air saying “I HAVE ARRIVED.”  Instead, I long for the days that they ask me, “mama, will you come and play with me.”  Those days are less and less frequent, and it breaks my heart just a little bit.  I miss those snuggly days where pulling out a bit of play dough could provide all of us with hours of entertainment.

All of the cliches people warn tell you about parenthood are true.  It goes by so fast.  And each stage, each year brings new joys, new things to love and cherish.  Both of my kids are in the phase of wanting to make their own choices.  We moved into our house over 8 years ago, when Sweet Pea was just a toddler and Bubba was just a dream!

Now that they are both older, they are both becoming their own little humans, with their own sometime little opinions.  This summer I took Sweet Pea and Bubba to the hardware store to pick out paint colors.  Paint, now there is a change that I can bravely embrace.  Call me crazy, but I let them choose whatever color they want, even my color blind son!  Here’s a photo of Bubba’s room, with his new paint color.  It’s a yellowish color, and it just makes me happy.

Pineapple Quilt Progress :: Dandelion Drift

Rolling with paint color changes, I happily endeavored on changing the curtains.  And then planning to change out the quilts (enter the beginnings of a pineapple quilt draped over the chair).

Pineapple Quilt Progress :: Dandelion Drift

It’s funny how changing things, things, not people, are actually pretty easy to come to grips with.  It’s watching my kids grow up that’s a bit more challenging.  Parenthood is a funny job, where your end goal is to work yourself out of a job.  We, as moms, should be striving to be needed less and less, giving our kids more and more independence.  There are some mornings that this task in my job description comes easily to me.  But there are other mornings where I cling to the first duty I knew as a mom, to hold, comfort, and love, nothing more, nothing less.

I am happy to embrace change, it is inevitable after all.  But I am definitely going to have to continue looking back on all the blessings I have experienced, that have brought me to this world full of change!

All of this talk on change was spurred on by a series Jenya and Renee put together.  Take a look at their blogs and see where change has led other ladies. 

Indiesew Winter Collection

Hey all!  I’m back today with a little sewing for me, woo hoo!  And both of my items are out of knit fabric…yay for pajama like comfort!  Indiesew has bundled up another great group of patterns just in time for the winter weather.  You may remember when they had their Fall collection that I blogged about here.  Well it’s time for the Indiesew Winter Collection!

Pencil Skirt and T Shirt :: Dandelion Drift

Indiesew has done it again with five great patterns all bundled together, that all work so well together.  The Winter Collection contains the Out and About Dress, Pleated Pencil Skirt, Josephenie Top, Union St. Tee, and the Leather Accent Pouch.  I’m showing you two of those patterns, the pencil skirt and the tee (both of which I have sewn before and love)!

Indiesew Winter Collection :: Dandelion Drift So let me tell you first about the Union St. Tee. Want to know how many times I’ve made this pattern?  This is my fifth time.  And this pattern is perfect!  I’ve blogged about my first three makes here (one of which was a rash guard).  My fourth union st. tee I never blogged about, and here is number five!  I think it’s safe to say that this pattern is good!  It fits better than any store bought t shirt I own and my many union st. tees are in heavy rotation in my closet! Union Stree Tee :: Dandelion Drift

For this t shirt I grabbed a men’s large t shirt from the thrift store for 50 cents.  (I have no idea what the t shirt logo is about, it says MOVE the faith journey, but I love the colors.)  I simply just cut up the thrifted shirt, fit the tee pattern on top and cut it out.

Union Stree Tee :: Dandelion Drift

And now the pleated pencil skirt.  I’ve made this one before also, out of coral lace last time.  I wanted something a little more every day wearable, so I sewed this skirt out of knit fabric.  I had grabbed a yard of red ponte knit from the Jo Ann’s remnant bin a couple months ago, and that was plenty of fabric to sew up this pencil skirt.  I followed Delia’s tutorial on how to turn her pattern into a knit pencil skirt!  And again I love it!  Both of these outfits are definitely my type of every day clothes!

Pencil Skirt and T Shirt :: Dandelion Drift

Interested in buying the Winter Collection bundle?  These patterns all grouped together save you 15% off the pattern price, and they are all so so good!

P.S.  Wondering why I’m wearing a skirt and t shirt for my winter collection?  This is winter…Florida style!

Playful Designs Coloring Book :: A Giveaway CLOSED


When I was a kid, coloring was one of my favorite things, and it still is.  Coloring is so relaxing.  My kiddos have followed suit.  The other day I told the kids I was going to go do something in the other room, they asked me if they could build a fort real quick.  “Sure thing” I said.  When I came back, they had this great fort all set up, a blockade so the dogs could not enter, a jar of colored pencils and a new coloring book out to color.coloring-page-2

They had grabbed the Playful Designs coloring book by Patty Young.  Patty is a fabric designer, a sewing pattern designer, and now a coloring book designer.  Pretty cool resume (I definitely would love to do all of those one day)!coloring-page

This coloring book fit into our schedule perfectly for so many reasons.  First, there’s a color lesson in it.  The back page of the book is full of color lessons (how to pick complementary colors, the color wheel, etc.) which we’ve been studying in our homeschool art lessons.  Second, we just had a little weekend getaway, and coloring books are perfect for long drives and down time at the hotel!  Third, a coloring book always fits perfectly into my schedule!  coloring-page-4

I love that this coloring book is full of different pages, appealing to each person (kids and me included)!  Bubba picked out the one full of animals!.  coloring-page-5

I picked out this mandala design!  And Sweet Pea picked out this paisley design, that she is  patiently working on bit by bit.  I love that she is adding so much detail in her picture, coloring each tiny square a different color, and happily coloring away at her design!coloring-page-3

Want to win a copy of Patty’s coloring book to play with?  (Well, I guess you could share with your kids and let them color too!)  Just leave a comment on this post. The giveaway will be open until next Wednesday, November 19 and then a commenter will be chosen randomly.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted!  Congratulations Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, grab one here and Patty will send you an autographed Playful Designs Coloring Book!  Take a look at all the other coloring inspiration this week and next!

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Small Poolside Tote

Small Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I’m sure this is no surprise to you, but I’m a bit of a fan of Bonnie Christine’s fabric line, winged.  I’ve sewn a maxi skirt with her knit fabric (here) and a tank top with some quilters cotton (here), and today I have the cutest little tote to share with you while I’m taking part in the Winged Blog Tour!Small Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

The last time I sewed a poolside tote, I popped over to instagram to get some inspiration.  I saw a few small versions of the bag and knew I wanted to give it a try eventually.  Well, when I got my hands on some more winged fabric, I knew it needed to become a cute little tote for my niece.How To Resize a PDF Pattern :: Dandelion Drift

I’m not the most tech savvy, so I asked Josh to show me how to shrink down a pdf pattern, and it is actually pretty easy.  You just hit your print button, click on the poster tab, and then type in the percentage you want the pattern to print out as.  I had asked around, and 75% seamed like a good number.  And it worked…woot!Small Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

All of Bonnie’s fabrics paired up nicely with some leftover linen I had in my stash.  I love how each of the winged fabrics compliments each other without being matchy matchy.

Small Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

So here’s the sewing breakdown!

Pattern :: Poolside Tote, shrunk down and printed at 75%

Fabric :: Winged Fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, Robert Kaufman Linen

Outfit Breakdown :: Levi’s jeans, Natalie Top (blogged here), Doodle Canvas Shoes (tutorial here), Poolside Tote

Winged Blog Tour :: Dandelion Drift

Make sure to take a look at the rest of the blog tour.  Bonnie is rounding up the posts over on her blog, Going Home to Roost.  Yesterday, Jessica, from Snickerdoodle Stew made the cutest dress for her girl, and I can’t wait to see what Jennie and Clara make tomorrow over at Clover and Violet!

Slouchy Beanie


Hey all…how has your week been going?  I’m over at imagine gnats this week sharing a tutorial for you on these slouchy beanies…for babies, kids and adults!  The weather is finally cooling off where we are, and I’ve realized I don’t have many cold weather clothes for my kids.  These beanies have helped me make a little dent in my cold weather sewing!

Egyptian Costumes

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion DriftI don’t know if I had griped about this here, but this year my kids gave me a doozie of a Halloween request.  They asked to be Jabba the Hutt and Gollum.  First Gollum…I had to explain that he is naked.  And then Jabba the Hutt…that could either turn out to be the coolest costume, or the biggest flop.  I asked the kiddos what their runner up costume would be and they both landed on ancient Egyptians!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

Phew…I knew I could handle Egyptians!  For Sweet Pea’s costume, I used a dress I had already made.  This is the First Day Dress that I blogged about back here.  She just needed a few accessories to make it an Egyptian costume.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

I had some gold swimsuit fabric lying around (probably from sewing Egyptian costumes for the church play).  I made a simple belt to tie around her waist.  This belt is really easy…it’s just a three inch wide piece of fabric, with a tie shape sewn onto the middle (no finished edges for this belt!).  And it’s just safety pinned in the back.  I also made her gold bracelets, and a gold headband (I will have a tutorial for this headband in the near future).

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

For Bubba’s costume I was starting from scratch.  I’m going to give you a real quick run down, but the materials were simple.  You’ll need a large brown t shirt, some gold fabric, and a small cut of blue knit fabric.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The skirt is a simple yoga waisted skirt (like this tutorial).  For the collar, I simply cut around the collar of the t shirt, 3.5 inches wide.  I didn’t want the ribbing of the brown shirt to show on the collar, so I folded that under and stitched into place.  Then I cut one inch wide strips of my gold swimsuit fabric, and sewed two rows of that in place (the second row wrapped around the raw edges of the collar).  Quick and easy!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The head dress is a piece of blue knit fabric, 14 inches by 25 inches.  Again, the gold is just one inch pieces of fabric sewn down every few inches.  And it is held in place with a gold headband (tutorial coming).  And the belt is just like Sweet Pea’s belt.

The staff was my husband’s idea.  It’s a piece of one inch pvc pipe spray painted gold.  The top curved part is air dry clay, shaped, dried, and painted.  Voila…Egyptians with accessories!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  I asked my kids to do whatever they thought ancient Egyptians would do…and they were having these silly arguments about who has the power!  They were hilarious and loved getting into character!

Any last minute Halloween sewing going on at your house?


Poolside Tote

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion DriftDo you remember the blue bag I made a few weeks ago?  The cooper bag sewn up in a new canvas print?  Well, geo pop canvas (by Emmie K) is now available in stores, and I was able to play with more of the fabric from this line!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I made Anna’s poolside tote in this black, cream and white geometric print, called pepper, and lined it with orange linen.  Can I just say I love this bag!  It is big, really big, but so, so perfect!  Definitely roomy, and has a great shape, and pretty curves!  It’s a good bag!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I wanted this bag to be able to stand on it’s own, so I underlined it in canvas, and also used interfacing.  The bag has structure but isn’t stiff!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the front pocket to blend in or stand out.  I went with stand out, and matched the black lines to the white lines, just so it would pop a bit!  And I squeezed a little bit of leather onto this thrifted orange zipper, which matched the linen perfectly!

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

Pattern :: poolside tote

Fabric :: geo pop canvas

Outfit Breakdown :: thrifted jeans, Foxglove tank (blogged here), poolside tote

Poolside Tote :: Dandelion Drift

Syrah Skirt

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I know maxi skirts are not everyone’s jam, but I love them.  They are long, and lean, make you look pullled together and feel super super comfy!  Kind of like wearing pajamas but looking like you actually tried when you got dressed in the morning!  That’s my kind of getting dressed!  And they are versatile.  I wore this skirt with a tank top to a 5K race to cheer on Josh, but I also dressed it up and wore it as pictured here to church!

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I have been eying the Syrah skirt pattern ever since I started seeing images popping up on instagram!  Lauren was kind of quiet about the pattern for a bit, and I wondered if something happened to the release.  But I was thrilled when I found out it was a part of this round of the Perfect Pattern Parcel (PPP).

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

New to the pattern parcel?  I’ve blogged about past parcels here, here, and here, but you can read a run down of PPP over on their website.  It’s basically an opportunity for you to support independent pattern designers (which I’m obviously a big fan of) and donate a bit to charity at the same time (also a fan).

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

This round of PPP has six great patterns that are all really cute (and wearable)!  In the bundle of patterns, there’s the Syrah skirt (that’s what I’m showing you here!), the Hudson Pant (I’ve made them before and LOVE them), the Bronte top, the Zsalya Dress, the Julia cardigan, and the Odette Dress.  Great collection, huh?  All patterns that I eventually want to sew (when I find the time).  Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

So this skirt.  I squeezed this pattern onto a little bit of knit fabric I had picked up at the thrift store.  It is some kind of synthetic something or other, which I normally shy away from.  But I really love how it looks!  I didn’t have much fabric to spare, so my skirt is a little bit shorter than I would normally like.  If I could add just an inch it would be prefect!  I left the bottom edge unhemmed because of the length.  This thrifted fabric was just a bit see through, which turned out just fine.  Lauren includes instructions on how to line the skirt with swimsuit fabric.  Perfect, huh?Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I was meticulous with my stripe matching (using my mark the stripe lines on the pattern pieces method that I talked about here).  That really does work out well.  I hadn’t thought much, though, about how my stripes on the skirt would match up with the waistband.  Just so so, but I’m probably the only one who notices that!

Syrah Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

So here’s a breakdown of my sewing here:

Pattern :: Syrah skirt, size 4

Fabric :: thrifted

Outfit Breakdown :: thrifted Banana Republic button down, Syrah skirt, Elle sandals, Old navy belt (from the men’s section), Hawaiian jewelry

And you really should take a look at the PPP.  It’s an exciting package!  (Click on this last image, it’ll take you right over there!)

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
Perfect Pattern Parcel provided me with these six patterns, but as always, my opinions are 100% honest and my own!  I LOVE my Syrah skirt!

Color Blocking Because…

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Color blocking because…Marcel Marlier made me do it.  Who is Marcel Marlier?  He was a children’s book illustrator and drew kids with great, classic style and has been inspiring others!  Suz from Sew Pony and An from Straight Grain have started a sewing series inspired by Marcel Marlier, in fact they have a great pinterest board full of inspiration!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

So I have to be honest here and say I didn’t know who Marcel Marlier was…but when I heard children’s book, I was intrigued.  We are a book loving family, so off to the library I went in search of one of her books.  I found one, in French (which I don’t speak), but I took it to a friend of mine who kindly told me the gist of the story.  But really I was interested in looking at the pictures, and I loved every single illustration in the book.  I showed it to Sweet Pea, and she said, “ooh, can you make me the ballerina dress?”

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I’ve said this many times, but anything knit is a hit with my girl…so I looked through my fabrics and found some blue Robert Kaufman jersey and a little purple jersey I had picked up in the Jo Ann’s remnant bin.  I grabbed my First Day Dress pattern, and started laying the fabric out.  This pattern has a handful of options, but to match the “ballerina dress” I used the swing dress in a size 9.  I decided to do my color blocking in a few areas.  For the skirt, I cut along the shortest skirt line (size 2) and used that as my color blocking line.  I won’t go into the color blocking how to because there’s a really great tutorial on the Oliver and S blog.  I cut out the rest of the skirt length in the blue jersey (all the way down to the size 9 line).

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

For the top of the dress, I decided I wanted to do the front in purple and the back in blue.  The First Day Dress pattern has identical front and back pieces.  I modified that a bit by lowering the front neck line 1.5 inches and widening it by .5 inch on both sides.  Two more pattern changes…I added pockets in the side seams of the skirt, and I also finished the armholes and neckfollowing Rachael’s tutorial here.

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

I finished off the neck and armholes with my twin needle, which I am learning to love.  And I also decided to leave the bottom band unhemmed.  The jersey will curl a bit with wash, which doesn’t bother me a bit.  In fact, I kind of like the casual look it gives the dress!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

There is a great sewalong to link your Marcel projects two on An and Suz’s blogs, and there’s also a great giveaway that you should enter below!  My fingers are crossed that your name will be the lucky name drawn, because I sure know I’d love to win all these gift cards to go fabric shopping!

Made First Day Dress :: Dandelion Drift

Enter the giveaway

Make sure to check out all of the other great Marcel Marlier inspiration.  There’s a beautiful dress over at Aesthetic Nest today…along with many more creations to come!